EMF Blocking VS. EMF Absorption Technologies

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How Does Both Work And Which Is Better In Protecting You From EMF Radiation?

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As much as we love our phones, laptops, and other electronic devices, sometimes we find ourselves glued to them.

We've become so accustomed to the convenience they provide that we often don't think twice about the potential dangers they pose. 

Most of us know the harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, but only some understand what EMF absorption and blocking technologies are and how they work.

Don't worry.

In today's article, we'll discuss these technologies and which option is better for you.

How Does EMF Blocking Technology Work?

An EMF blocker is a device that uses conductive materials like metals to form a barrier that blocks radiation from reaching the body. It works by diverting EMFs away from your body without absorbing them.

Think of an EMF blocker as an umbrella that shields you from the rain. 

Technically speaking, an EMF blocker is a simplified Faraday Cage, named after scientist Michael Faraday who invented the original in 1863.

This design blocks out radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields using an enclosure composed of conductive material.

Examples of materials used in EMF blockers include steel, aluminum, and copper.

An EMF blocker for home use is typically a box, a small case, or a sleeve covered with conductive material. It generally includes a ground connection that helps further reduce EMF levels.

Some EMF products like cellphone cases and passport holders also have built-in blocking technology.
These products are famous among travelers who wish to protect their data from cyber attacks. 

This feature is possible because EMF blockers can intercept signals even from the 5G spectrum (up to 90 GHz).

No matter how strong the external signal source is, it won't be able to reach the cage's interior.

This feature is both a curse and a blessing.

And here's why.

The good part of using an EMF blocker is that it effectively shields you from radiation, but at the same time, it blocks signals from all sources, including those you want (like Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth connection).

So, while EMF blocking is excellent for shielding your body from radiation, it can also be a hindrance in some cases, especially if you're trying to use your mobile device.

Furthermore, the protected device has to work harder than usual to compensate for the weak signal, which often causes a decrease in battery life and increased radiation.

How Does EMF Absorption Technology Work?

To understand how an EMF absorption technology works,  let's first look at what an EMF is.

An EMF (electromagnetic field) is a type of energy that travels in waves from one source to another.

Radiation from EMF sources such as cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers fills our environment.

These EMF waves can easily penetrate our bodies and increase cancer risk, headaches, fatigue, and other health problems.

This is where EMF absorption technology comes in.

Unlike EMF-blocking devices, which work by diverting radiation from our bodies, EMF-absorbing products convert the waves into a coherent form and harmonize them with our energy field. 

As a result, your mobile device can still function at full strength, but the radiation is no longer a threat.

It also means you don't have to worry about blocking signals that you need so that you can stay online for hours.

An EMF absorption technology does this thanks to the unique combination of metals and materials that can absorb EMF radiation so only a tiny amount can penetrate the body.

The technology behind EMF-absorbing devices is complicated and expensive because the designers have to guarantee that their products can absorb EMF to the highest level possible.

No wonder EMF absorption products are usually costlier than EMF-blocking devices.

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The Better Choice: EMF Absorption or EMF Blocking Technology?

If you're looking for total protection from external signals, then the EMF blocking technology should be your choice.

It offers extra security from hacking, tracking, and cyber attacks, as the signals cannot penetrate your mobile device.

However, because these devices also block out Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you may need an extra device to stay connected.

On the other hand, EMF absorption technology offers a more balanced solution.

The unique combination of materials and metals absorbs EMF radiation, so you can still use your mobile device without worrying about safety risks.

Best Users Of EMF Absorption Technology

Whether you're an office worker who needs to stay connected or a parent who wants to protect their kids from radiation, EMF absorption technology is perfect for you.

You can easily apply this technology to everyday items such as phones, laptops, and even appliances connected to the Internet.

This makes it easy for the whole family to stay safe from EMF radiation, no matter how much time they spend.

We Recommend The Best EMF Protection

Now that you know why EMF absorption technology is better,  you may be wondering which EMF protection products you should use.

We know it can be overwhelming to sort through all the products on the market, so we've researched for you.

Our top recommendation should offer the following features:

Versatile -  Look for an EMF protection product that you can install on laptops, tablets, and even appliances.

Non-toxic -  Choose a product that uses non-toxic materials to absorb EMF radiation, so you can be sure it is safe for your family.

Easy to apply -  Make sure to select a product that is easy to install on any surface.

Environment-friendly -   Look for products with eco-friendly materials so that you can feel good about your choice. It shouldn't require "charging-up" or other maintenance either.

Durable -   Choose an EMF protection product built to last, so you don't have to replace it often.

Lastly, look for EMF-absorbing devices with a high SAR or "Specific Absorption Rating."

Why is this rating critical?

Well, SAR measures the rate at which a material or device absorbs EMF radiation.

The higher the SAR, the better it is at absorbing EMF radiation.

This means that you can trust these products to keep your body safe from external signals and reduce health risks.

And out of all technologies with a good SAR rating, nothing comes close to the Bodywell Chip, which has a SAR of 80%.



There are two main options for EMF protection: EMF absorption or blocking technology.

An EMF-blocking technology is best for total protection from outside signals. 

However, it may interfere with your mobile device’s connectivity.

An EMF absorption technology like the Bodywell Chip is the better choice.

It can effectively absorb radiation with an 80% SAR without blocking out Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Plus, it's a non-toxic, eco-friendly product that's easy to apply and built to last.

EMF absorption technology is what you need if you want the best protection with no restrictions.

And the Bodywell Chip is the perfect choice for any family who wants to stay safe from EMF radiation without giving up their devices.

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