How effective is the Bodywell Chip for reducing cell phone radiation absorption

How effective is the Bodywell Chip for reducing cell phone radiation absorption

If you haven’t heard about the Bodywell chip and its revolutionary MobileTek technology, then this is your chance to be enlightened. It’s a device that can change your life and take care of your health without the need for any medication or a visit to the doctor. You may be asking what kinds of health problems a chip can help you with, and that is a fair question that we'll discuss in more detail below.

Numerous studies have shown that the human body suffers multilayer damage when exposed to non-ionized radiation from mobile phones. This can be traced from a cell level through the organ one and further to the whole organism. DNA damage that leads to cancer is one example of how this radiation has a harmful impact. Children are especially vulnerable to this occurrence. The main idea behind the Bodywell chip and its technology is found in the imprinted data of unique harmonic, biologically connected arrays.

Unlike other measures developed to temper the phone antenna that reduces signal power or causes only partial shielding, Bodywell technology can be considered the ultimate one.
This advantage is based on a principal difference; while reduction of a radiated power does not eliminate exposure of the body to the radiation, compromising the quality of communication, Bodywell annihilates namely a negative biological influence of the cell phone through stabilizing potentially vulnerable life processes in an organism.



The precise parts of the Bodywell Chip were all created and produced in Switzerland at the highest standards. The Bodywell Chip is meticulously constructed and tested to continuously deliver excellent results, much like a high-end timepiece that demands an amazing level of precision.

The concept of the Bodywell chip is similar to the effect of noise-canceling headphones, which greatly reduce noise with a form of counter-noise, rendering the disruptive sound neutral. Bodywell is approximately an inch-square long and thick of a SIM card so that consumers can peel the back and stick to their mobile phones. It is imprinted with all-natural frequencies that absorb cell phone radiation and is designed to last the lifespan of your mobile phone.

The Bodywell Chip is powered by the proprietary MobileTek technology, which has been shown through research to lessen cell phone radiation exposure.

The CEO of Bodywell, Haim Einhorn, once said, “What we never have to do now, since we created the Bodywell Chip, is look back years from now and say we should have...” The implication is that we can limit radiation exposure from phones right now - why wait until research links it to something harmful? After all, cigarettes were advertised and sold for more than 50 years as safe, enjoyable, and fashionable, and it wasn't recognized that they do cause cancer until it was too late. Since then, numerous studies and testing have been conducted, and they have concluded that the Bodywell chip is essential for anyone who wants to protect oneself from cell phone radiation.



“To demonstrate the capability of the Chip, measurements were conducted in the reputable 'RF Exposure Lab' by FCC regulations. The scientific parameter that describes the radiation absorption in the head is known as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and is measured in Watts per kilogram (W/kg). In the experiments, the SAR was measured using different phones, including the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. The Bodywell Chip is then attached to the tested phones and the measurement is repeated. The difference between the two measurements is then presented as the reduction obtained by the chip. The summary of the results is as follows:

Radiation reduction ranged from 60% to 80% among the different phones, frequencies, and modulation systems. It should be noted that on a TRP/TIS test, the Bodywell Chip did not influence the phone’s communication performance.

Additional experiments were done with a placebo chip, a chip with the same characteristics as the Bodywell Chip without implementing the Bodywell technology. In these experiments, the SAR measurements remained just as if there was no chip attached. The experiment shows that by a simple act of attaching the Bodywell Chip to the phone, a significant reduction in radiation absorption to the head is achieved.”

Dr. Moshe Einat
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Ariel University, Israel



While the science of the Bodywell chip is not fully understood, the SAR measurements show a significant reduction in radiation absorption. That is why scientists and medical professionals from all over the world are so interested in the Bodywell chip.
Here is another summary of the chip by research associate Nachaat Mazeh:

  1. The Bodywell chip is made of a homogeneous aluminum material without any electronic circuitry;
  2. The Bodywell chip is produced in a very natural process without being exposed to any radiation;
  3. The Bodywell chip has been tested to reduce SAR values of up to 80% when exposed to rf-EM waves transmitted from a base to a wireless device. The findings have been established at FCC-certified laboratories following FCC-recommended testing protocols using sugar-base simulated brain tissue;
  4. The Bodywell chip was tested using FCC-recommended Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) tests for cellular products; the results show no significant effect.

From the above observations, it can be asserted with a great level of confidence that the Bodywell chip is not interfering with cell phone reception or emission and that the detected SAR reduction is rather produced as a response from the simulated brain tissue.
Other tests conducted provide a strong indication that the Bodywell chip is very safe and enhances the natural growth of plants (Onion tests).

The process to activate the chip is 100% natural and very well established. I can confirm that initial observations indicate either a new scientific breakthrough, an unknown property of the electron, or a completely new waveform. The Bodywell chip was initially produced as a detector of some field; it does produce a significant reduction in SAR in simulated brain tissue, indicating that if attached to a cell phone it will reduce the amount of rf-EM energy absorbed by the brain cells in proximity of the wireless device. The sugar-based simulated tissue recommended by the FCC for testing provides a good medium to test the effects of the Bodywell chip.

Initial findings are very promising and indicate with confidence that no harm is being induced to brain cells but rather a contribution to the cell’s ability to reduce rf-EM energy dissipation. As we continue to investigate this new device and the science behind it, it is strongly recommended that we approach the findings with objectivity and refrain from unfounded criticism of what may be completely new science.”

Nachaat Mazeh, PhD
Biomedical Physics.



There are serious concerns over the thermal effects produced by a mobile phone when in contact with the skin. Numerous studies have noted that prolonged communications may cause the temperature to rise, which could seriously harm one's health. Users of mobile phones today communicate for up to 50 minutes while the phone is close to their ears. The heat impacts can be five times more harmful in young people and children, which indicates major health issues.
Any means to lessen heat transfer from the mobile phone to the skin, the immediate area, and the underlying tissue must be taken into consideration, especially if it does not interfere with mobile phone functionality, as it is in this case with the Bodywell chip.

Ideally, all wireless gadgets that generate heat should be kept away from our bodies, but an extra layer of protection wouldn't hurt, especially considering how frequently children and young adults are exposed to RF EM radiation. To further understand the long-term thermal impacts, more research must be done on how heat-producing mobile phones interact with human skeletal muscles and bones.

In conclusion: CEO Haim Einhorn says, “Children today are growing up in a world that only knows the iPhone, and we must have an understanding of how the pervasive use of the iPhone and all other cell phones will affect our children.” The only thing you can now use to protect yourself from cell phone radiation is the Bodywell chip, which does dramatically limit the amount of radiation absorbed by the body. No matter how frequently you use your phone, it makes sense to take all necessary precautions to safeguard yourself from any potential health risks.

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