The Importance of Being Responsible Now

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The Importance of Being Responsible Now

There are some things we just don’t have concrete answers to. One of those things is knowing what the effects of RF-EMF radiation are on human health. The main reason is that those responsible for public health in the US do not have the facts or are ill-informed (or maybe they are aware and just not releasing it to the public*). The US government stopped funding research into the effects of RF-EMF radiation in 1996, with the exception of a $30 million rodent study conducted in 2018, which showed “clear evidence” of carcinogenicity. The World Health Organization has also declared RF-EMF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic” in 2011. Just imagine, in this digital age– where wireless devices are abundant, and their use is excessive– we are still stuck at “we don’t know the health effects”.

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Although, “we don’t know” is the current answer to the big question, thousands of scientific studies by independent researchers prove that there are alarmingly many health effects of this kind of radiation on fetuses, children, adults, even wildlife and plants. These studies show the possible health effects that need to be investigated further– and the greater majority point out how it harms pregnant women and their unborn children, adolescents, even causing DNA damage, tumors, neurological effects, cardiovascular effects, and affecting male fertility. Not to mention the rollout of 5G and the damage it can cause. For a list of these studies you can visit this link:

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What we do know is that there is no reason why we should wait around until the damage is done. In fact, smoking was considered a normal habit for the longest time until scientists found it causes lung cancer. Drinking while pregnant was also a norm until we realized it causes deformities and damaging health effects. If there is something that can be possibly done to protect ourselves from RF-EMF radiation, then why not try it? To prevent the harm done onto your family and yourself from radiofrequency radiation, simply use the Bodywell chip which dramatically reduces RF-EMF absorption by 80%. It is completely safe to use, easy to apply, and mobile. The Bodywell chip is the first step you can take in trying to reduce RF-EMF exposure. Follow us on instagram for more tips on reducing radiation absorption @bodywell_chip.

*This document was released in March 2017 by the California Department of Public Health right before a ruling on a lawsuit finalized. The lawsuit was filed under the Public Records Act. Apparently it is dated April 2014. You can read more about this instance here:

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