What are all the side effects of cell phone radiation?

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Today's environment contains more artificial sources than it did twenty years ago because of the increase in the demand for electricity, the advancement of technology, and changes in societal behavior. Cell phones and numerous other devices that emit dangerous radiation expose everyone to a complex mixture of weak electric and magnetic fields at home and at work. Today we'll discuss a few of the side effects associated with this unavoidable issue.

It's possible that my grandmother was right when she advised me to avoid sleeping with my phone next to me in bed. Back then, I thought her words were superstition, but I've recently learned that science backs up her claims. Whether you believe this to be the case or not, we're here to learn everything we can about the EMF health risks associated with cell phone radiation.

Thermal effects

There are also serious concerns over the thermal effects of mobile phones when in contact with the skin. Numerous studies have found that long conversations can raise body temperature, which could be extremely dangerous to one's health. By increasing the temperature of the soft tissue surrounding the facial nerves, RFR, for instance, has been shown to disrupt the activity of face nerves temporarily. Behavioral abnormalities and heat stress can result from even low levels of exposure to RFR, and the risk of injury rises with exposure levels. The eyes are the most vulnerable because they have almost no blood flow, which prevents other body parts from providing cooling. Long-term RFR exposure has been shown to result in eye cataracts. There have also been reports of thermal burns caused by smartphones.

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Children and young adults can be five times more vulnerable to the effects of heat, which raises serious health concerns. Any method to reduce heat transfer from the phone to the skin, the immediate area, and the underlying tissue should be considered, especially if it does not affect the phone's functionality. Ideally, all wireless devices that generate heat should be kept away from our bodies, but adding an extra layer of protection wouldn't be inconvenient, especially given how frequently children and young adults are exposed to harmful RF EM radiation.

Cancer Risk

Radiation exposure raises the possibility of developing cancer. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that the EMF (electromagnetic fields) that are emitted from our cell phones have an impact on living things at levels well below the majority of international and national guidelines. Among many other things, these effects include an elevated risk of cancer. This raises serious concerns, and the least we can do to protect our health and safety is to learn what the scientists have already discovered and wait for further research.

Read our article on "Cell phone radiation linked to increased cancer risk" if you're interested in learning more about the research on the relationship between cancer and cell phone radiation as well as radiation protection.

emf side effects


Recent Scandinavian studies have discovered that under properly controlled electromagnetic field exposure conditions, people do not exhibit consistent reactions. Furthermore, there is no agreed-upon biological mechanism to account for hypersensitivity. Research on this topic is challenging because, in addition to the direct effects of fields, there may be many other subjective reactions at play. Ongoing research is being done in this area.

Conclusion: Low levels of electromagnetic field exposure at home have been linked by some people to a wide range of symptoms. We and the organizations that provide safety regulations can no longer avoid these EMF health risks. 

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