Thermal Images Don't Lie: Shocking Before-and-After Shows How This Swiss-Engineered Tech Cools the Invisible Heat of EMF Radiation By 50%

Some Context Regarding Body Temperature

Our bodies have very delicate systems that are sensitive to small changes. We all know that a healthy person’s internal heat ranges from 36.1C to 37.9C. A fever starts at 38C and 39.4C is already very concerning and you will need to get checked out ASAP. At 42C cellular functions in the body break down

Spot the Difference? It's More Than Meets the Eye.

The thermal image on the left shows a glaring heat on the side of a man's head—his temple, cheek, and ear are ablaze in alarming shades of orange and red. This happens just minutes after using a phone without the Bodywell Chip.

The thermal image on the right shows a significant heat reduction in critical areas of the head. Adding the Bodywell Chip could save your body from absorbing a lot of heat and radiation.

What a Difference a Chip Makes!

The first photo's fiery colors—red and orange near the temple and ear—scream 'Heat Alert!' That's what your head goes through when you use your phone without protection.

The second photo? Much cooler colors. That's the Bodywell Chip at work. Lowering the heat even by just one degree during your everyday 30-minute to 1-hour phone chats can make a world of difference in the long run.

Can You Tell the Difference?

The thermal image on the left picture reveals hot spots—notice the orange and red around the temple, cheek, and ear. That's just minutes on the phone without our Bodywell Chip.

Now, look at the thermal image on the right picture. See how the colors change? That's cooler skin and less heat going into your sensitive head areas. Just a one-degree dip in heat during your daily half-hour to an hour of phone use can add big benefits over time.

A Tale of Two Temperatures!

In the photo on the left, alarming colors of red and orange highlight the temple, cheek, and ear—evidence of the heat generated by just minutes of phone use.

In contrast, the photo on the right tells a different story. With the Bodywell Chip, those same key areas show noticeably cooler shades.

Experts agree a one-degree reduction in heat from daily phone use of 30 minutes to an hour can yield cumulative health benefits over the years.

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The World’s Only Scientifically-Proven Solution For Cellphone Radiation

The Bodywell Chip features the groundbreaking MobileTek, engineered to help reduce EMF radiation's Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by up to 80%.

To ensure our chip does what we say, we teamed up with RF Exposure Labs - a pioneer in the industry based in California, USA, with over 25 years of rich experience.

The lab’s study and analysis focused on the test subjects' critical health parameters before and after exposure to EMF radiation, with and without the Bodywell Chip.

The team of RF Exposure Labs also measured the Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) as part of their tests. The results showed little to no effect on the performance and service signal of the mobile device.

This approach ensures your mobile devices continue functioning as they should while protecting you against the invisible hazards of EMF radiation.

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Does Your ANTI-EMF Device Pass The “SAR” Test?

Our Bodywell Chip can lower this SAR score by up to 80%. That's way more than many other products out there!

Before you read further, here's a quick test: look at the top anti-EMF products on Amazon.

Do they show their SAR score?

Is it close to the Bodywell Chip's 80% reduction?

What does SAR mean? 

It stands for Specific Absorption Rate, and it's like a score for how much EMF your body soaks up from your phone.

The lower the number, the better.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says this score can't exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Why Does SAR Matter?

The answer is simple: It’s all about your health.

There’s a big debate about whether phone EMF can hurt us.

Some studies say it might be linked to health issues like fatigue, headaches, learning problems, etc.

So, lower SAR?

That's better for you.

What You Get

Less EMF Exposure: Our chip can be your safety net if you're glued to your phone for school or work.

Peace of Mind: Worried about health risks like cancer? Lowering your SAR can be a game-changer.

Approved and Safe: Tested by a certified 3rd party lab with 25 years of experience in all things EMF.

Easy to install: Stick the chip on your device, and you're ready.

Real-Life Benefits

For Students: Hours of online classes? Chip in, SAR down.

For Commuters: Business calls on the train? Lower that SAR.

For Parents: Holding your phone and your baby? Make it safer with our chip.

Is Your Anti-EMF Device Real Or Not?

Take Advantage Of This Technology’s EMF-Protection Capabilities To Increase Your Protection From EMF.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US's consumer protection agency, has stated that there is no evidence that so-called cell phone 'shields' can meaningfully reduce radiation exposure.

As such, any products that supposedly shield only a portion of the phone, for instance, the earpiece, are ineffective as the entirety of the handset emits electromagnetic waves.

In addition, these so-called 'phony shields' may even cause phones to draw more power and emit greater radiation.

Unfortunately, the public still believes the only way to protect themselves from EMF is by blocking it using these phone shields.

That is until the Bodywell Chip came along.

Developed by a team of Swiss scientists and tested in an FCC-Certified lab in California, USA, the Bodywell Chip features the Mobiletek Technology to absorb EMF.

It goes straight to the source of radiation - your mobile device - without weakening the signal on your phone. This makes the Bodywell Chip more effective than phone shields at reducing EMF exposure.

“The moment I put it on my phone, I felt relieved!”

Discover How The Bodywell Chip Can Protect Your Health

Lab-Tested, Proven Results

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The Bodywell Chip addresses the source of EMF radiation -- the device itself. No need to worry about which part of your body is most exposed to EMF radiation.


Use the Bodywell Chip with confidence. If you’re not satisfied with the level of protection it provides, return it within 90 days for a prompt 100% refund, no questions asked.


Experts and professionals across the globe are astounded by the innovative technology of the Bodywell Chip. Such experts include Dr. Naachat Mazeh, a bioengineer from Beaumont University in Michigan, Dr. Nancy Mueller, a neurologist from the Institute of Neurological Care in New Jersey, and Prof. Moshe Einat from Ariel University in Israel.


Made from premium materials that don't wear out or break down over time. Expect total EMF protection for the lifetime of your mobile device.

“I feel peace of mind, All Day, Every Day”

Discover How The Bodywell Chip Can Protect Your Health


Our Breakthrough Technology Against EMF Radiation

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Try out the Bodywell Chip and if you don't feel the excellent benefits within 90 days, just return it for a full refund—no questions asked!

Join 5,000+ Bodywell Chip users getting protection against EMF radiation.

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“I never knew how much radiation I was exposed to!”

Discover How The Bodywell Chip Can Protect Your Health

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Naomi B.

“The moment I put it on my phone, I felt relieved.”

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“I no longer have headaches when talking on the phone.”

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“A must-have for any mobile phone user.”

“Much recommended if you want to shield yourself from EMF.”

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