This Forgotten 1996 Law Could Be Affecting Your Health Today

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 / By Brian Douglas

Why Our Phone Safety Standards Need a Major Update?

Remember dial-up and Blockbuster rentals?

But one shocking thing hasn't.

Things have changed.

The rules we have for keeping phones safe are stuck in 1996!

I learned about this after discovering the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

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5G Is Coming… But Our Safety Standards Are Stuck In The Past

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 set our outdated safety standards.

Why is that so?

Well, because those standards come from 1980s studies on select US soldiers who use mobile devices for 30 minutes.

Plus, these devices weren’t as powerful as modern smartphones.

What’s more, those soldiers faced brief, strong bursts of radiation.

But today, our devices expose us to mild radiation almost every day.

In fact, experts say an average person uses their phones 3 hours and 15 minutes a day.

Cell Phone Use Increases, But Are We Safe?

As of 2016, over 330 million people in the US have cell phones, up from 40 million in 1996.

With more people using the internet, more powerful phones are coming out.

Sadly, new studies warn that the EMF radiation from new phones could harm our health and cause problems like cancer.

That's why many agencies raised worries that kids and other groups were not getting enough attention.

Despite this, the Federal Communication Commission or FCC hasn't changed the safety limits.

This means that our world of technology has changed.

But the ways we protect ourselves are stuck in the past.

The Court Of Appeals Steps In: 'Enough is Enough!'

In 2019, a big event changed the fight for safe EMF radiation rules.

The U.S. Court of Appeals sided with the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) against the FCC's old standards.

Who is the EHT?

They're a non-profit group that cares about health research and teaching.

They believe that health comes first, not what businesses want.

This is in spite of the new health studies pointing out the risks.

The court told off the FCC for ignoring these big health studies.

These studies show that EMF radiation can cause issues like cancer, nerve issues, etc.

The court wasn't talking tough.

They wanted the FCC to look at its rules and use real proof.

This wasn't some court talk.

It was a big win for truth and safety.

For the first time, a court said the FCC wasn't doing enough to keep people safe from RF radiation.

What was the court's main point?

Rules should be based on facts, not what businesses push for.

Yes, EHT's lawsuit is a big deal.

But it's also part of a bigger fight against the dangers of RF radiation.

The main goal?

Make the government listen and take action.

We're all watching how EHT's win plays out, but it's a step towards better safety for everyone.

200 Scientists Warn About Phone Radiation Dangers

When over 200 scientists from 39 countries raise a red flag, you know it's time to pay attention.

So, what’s their worry?

The radiation from our gadgets might be making us sick.

They urged the UN and WHO to act:

  • Check if our current safety rules about EMF radiation are still okay.
  • Tell people more about the possible health risks.
  • Think about safer tech options, like wired connection, instead of wireless.

Some experts praised the scientists for speaking up.


Not so much.

They believe there's not enough proof linking this radiation to health problems.

But here’s a twist.

Even the WHO admitted the potential risk of EMF radiation.

In fact, WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer tagged EMF as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" in 2013.

Top U.S. Doctors’ Big Warning

You might've noticed, but most big rule-makers are staying quiet on this issue.

Save for a few voices of reason, like the American Academy of Pediatricians or AAP, that pushed for better guidelines.

They say kids are in danger because they're still growing.

And they have proof that this bad radiation might cause big problems for kids like:

  • Brain issues
  • Problems having babies when they grow up
  • Trouble learning

They suggested that kids as young as two years old should never touch a mobile phone.

For kids 2 to 5 years old, they recommend an hour or less of screen time per day.

But even with this big warning, no one in charge is answering them.

That makes many folks wonder, "Why don't our phones and tablets have a special shield? Especially the ones our kids play with?"

Well, guess what?

Some super-smart engineers from Switzerland have a fix for it.

They've made a small but powerful technology that helps with this radiation worry.

The Bodywell Chip Solution

Swiss engineers created the Bodywell Chip, and U.S. labs tested it.

At its core, the MobileTek uses a mix of powerful metals and minerals to reflect harmful frequencies from your device without weakening your phone's signal.

Here’s what it does for you:

  • Keeps Your Mobile Device Cool: Using your device continuously can heat up your skin.
    This heat buildup can turn uncomfortable and even harmful over time.
    The RF Exposure Labs in California found that the chip reduces phone heat.
  • Maintains Healthy pH Levels: Our body's cells need balanced pH levels to work right and stay healthy.
    EMFs can throw off this balance, leading to tiredness, a weaker immune system, and sickness.
    An experiment from the New York City College of Technology indicates the chip helps keep your body's pH levels steady so you're at your best all day.
  • Keeps Your Brain Calm: EMFs can disturb your brain function, causing focus issues or sleep problems.
    Author and researcher Dr. Regina Shmelkina made an experiment showing that the Bodywell Chip balances out your brain's activity.
    This results in better focus during the day and peaceful sleep at night.

If left unchecked, EMFs can drain you both mentally and physically.

But here's the silver lining: The Bodywell Chip confronts these issues directly so you remain healthy and safe.

What People Are Saying About Bodywell Chip

Martha, a tech-savvy mom, said, "I didn't know about the risks until recently. Now, the Bodywell Chip brings me peace of mind."

Nina: "It's alarming that we have to find solutions ourselves. Why aren't the big tech companies addressing this?"

Liam: "Whenever I buy a gadget, I think of its EMF effects. Companies should be upfront about these concerns."

Meanwhile, EMF-sensitive Karen shared, "I sense the EMF the moment I hold my phone. I've felt its effects and needed protection."

These folks aren't alone.

People all over the internet are talking about the Bodywell Chip.

But here's the catch - it's getting hard to find one in stock as more folks catch on.

In our tech-loving world, it's a fine line between cool gadgets and staying safe.

So, always keep your ears open, stay updated, and don't compromise on safety.


Swing by the Bodywell Chip's official website and see if they've got any left!

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