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Many parents share a common concern: the invisible threat of EMF radiation from everyday devices.

While our ebook equips you with knowledge, the Bodywell Chip offers an additional, tangible layer of protection.

Why Bodywell Chip?

  • Reduces EMF exposure by up to 80% from personal gadgets.
  • Swiss-engineered technology, validated by an FCC-certified U.S. lab.
  • Does not compromise your device’s functionality or signal.
  • Choose your style: Available in Black, Silver, and Gold.

Backed by Science: SAR Testing

SAR (specific absorption rate) testing is the industry's GOLD STANDARD.

It shows how much radiation your body absorbs from devices.

In fact, Samsung and Apple can’t sell new gadgets without SAR testing.

Our tests showed that adding the Bodywell Chip can lower the EMF radiation you absorb by 60% to 80%.

In other words, it’s a simple yet powerful solution for lowering your exposure.


The Science Behind Bodywell Chip’s Breakthrough

Verified by RF Exposure Labs in California, it maintains a safe body temperature, ensures a healthy pH balance, and supports brain function — all without affecting your device's connectivity.

The Bodywell Chip utilizes advanced MobileTek Technology to efficiently reduce the impact of EMF radiation.

  • 20% Cooler: Installation may reduce skin temperature, enhancing comfort.*
  • Steady pH: Keeps cellular function optimal, preventing fatigue.*
  • Sharper Focus: Promotes balanced brain activity for improved concentration and rest.*


Many customers have reported that putting the Bodywell Chip on their devices helped them…

Reduce Headaches

Enjoy your tech without the pain.*


Improve Sleep

Say goodbye to tossing and turning.*

Enhance Energy

Combat fatigue and stay active.*

Peace of Mind

Protect your loved ones every day.*

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* Please note: The results mentioned on this page are based on customer feedback and personal experiences. Individual results may vary. We designed the Bodywell Chip to complement your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle and EMF reduction. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.