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According to the FCC, mobile phones are not dangerous when used within their safety limits. But all of us cross those safety limits on a daily basis without even thinking about the consequences. Yet there are small habits that we can incorporate into our daily lives to keep our families and us safe from absorbing cell phone radiation. To help you protect yourself, we'll share some of these habits with you today. After all, they say that it takes only 30 days for a habit to form and stay.

Stick the Bodywell Chip on the back of your cell phone.

Stick the Bodywell Chip on the back of your cell phone.

Rather than a habit, we're starting off with a one-time action that provides the most protection you can get at the moment; the Bodywell Chip. It’s just a tiny chip that you can stick to the back of your phone and forget about.

While many companies claim that their products block radiation, the Bodywell chip is scientifically proven to absorb up to 80% of the radiation that otherwise would be absorbed by the body. The chip's MobileTek technology, a trade secret proven through studies to reduce cell phone radiation exposure, is what makes it revolutionary. The concept of the Bodywell chip is similar to the effect of noise-canceling headphones, which greatly reduce noise with a form of counter-noise, rendering the disruptive sound neutral. 

The most important time to be protected from the negative effects of cell phone radiation is when our phones are in use because that is when they come into contact with our bodies. We must therefore use the Bodywell Chip to safeguard ourselves while using our phones.

Put your phone in flight mode.

Airplane mode

Switching your phone to flight mode is essential whenever you are in a vehicle, an elevator, or any other location with poor reception. This is because the harder your phone tries to get a connection, the more EMF it emits. And where does all that radiation end up? Well, most of it gets absorbed by your body, leaving you vulnerable to the harmful health effects that it leads to.

We know that this is not ideal for daily life, but if your concern for your health is greater than your dislike for discomfort, then you will stick to this habit.

Don’t let your phone touch your body directly.

This might be the hardest habit to maintain, but it's one that will ultimately keep you as safe as possible. The least you can do is keep it away from your body when you speak on the phone. As for your hands, the only thing you can do is stick the Bodywell chip to the back of your phone. If you think that your case will protect you, that is a myth.

There are serious concerns over the thermal effects of a mobile phone when in contact with the skin. Numerous studies have noted that prolonged communications may cause the temperature to rise, which could seriously harm one's health. Users of mobile phones today communicate for up to 50 minutes while the phone is close to their ears. The heat impacts can be five times more harmful in young people and children, which indicates major health issues.

Don’t use your phone on a low battery.

Same as with a weak connection; when you use your phone on a low battery, it uses more energy to operate, resulting in more radiation emission. So make sure to fully charge your phone before going out of the house, or keep a power bank in your bag at all times. Another thing you can do is not scroll on the internet when your phone has a very low battery, and keep the phone calls short. 

There are so many reasons for keeping your phone charged at all times, starting with safety and finishing off with your health, that in comparison to these consequences, it’s just a minor thing to do.


Bodywell Chip

In conclusion, we wanted to share these habits with you today, but even if you stick to only one of them, it will give you some form of protection and peace of mind. Cell phones are here to stay, and with time, we will be using them even more than we already do, so any means that will protect us from cell phone radiation absorption need to be considered.

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