Is cell phone radiation hurting pregnant women?

Is cell phone radiation hurting pregnant women?

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This is a question that worries a lot of scientists and those who want to start families. It reached a point where more than 200 scientists from around the globe called for new regulations, expressing grave concerns about the pervasive and rising exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by electric and wireless devices.

Collectively, these scientists had a list of demands, one of which was the protection of young children and pregnant women. Whether you are pregnant or you’re planning to conceive, cell phone radiation and its effects on pregnancy are something you have to look into.

The female placenta facilitates the transfer of nutrients and oxygen between the mother's and the fetus' tissues. As a result, changes to the mother's body can impact the growth and development of the fetus. Pregnant women are well aware of the need to adhere to certain safety precautions in order to safeguard the fetus' health. However, few people are aware that you should avoid cell phone radiation in the same way that you would avoid smoking, drinking, or using drugs, and here's why:

Scientific Study

Hugh S. Taylor, M.D., professor, and director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, recently published a study in which it was discovered that pregnant mice exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy produced offspring that were more hyperactive and forgetful than normal.

33 pregnant mice were housed in cages with cell phones attached by Taylor and colleagues for the entire 17-day gestation period while they were on active calls and emitting radiation. The scientists examined the newborn mice's memory, impulsivity, and anxiety after the offspring were born. Mice born to mothers who had cell phones in their cages performed worse on memory and anxiety tests and performed better on hyperactivity tests, according to research published in the Scientific Reports journal on March 15.

Additionally, the researchers discovered that some neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brains of offspring exposed to radiation had decreased activity, which may help to explain their behaviors. They claim that more research is required to establish a safe level of cell phone radiation for expectant mothers.

Miscarriage Risk

913 pregnant women were monitored in a Kaiser Permanente cohort study that was published in 2017. Researchers were looking into whether prolonged exposure to EMF radiation increased the risk of miscarriage.

The study participants were asked to keep a daily log of their activities, including where they had been, and to record the amount of EMF they were exposed to using special meters that were provided to them. The subjects were also asked to record the times of day when they were exposed to a lot of EMF. To avoid drawing conclusions from their subjects that were not true, researchers took care to look for additional miscarriage risk factors.

The study's findings were unsettling but not entirely unexpected; pregnant women who belonged to the "high exposure" group (75% of the subjects) had a nearly threefold higher risk of miscarriage than those in the "low exposure" group.

How to avoid cell phone radiation

Since we've already warned you about the potential harm cell phones may cause to fetuses and pregnant women, we'll just have to offer you some solutions, as giving up cell phones entirely isn't really an option in today's society. So here’s what you can do:

  • First and foremost, try to keep your screen time to a minimum. Start out slowly and then gradually cut back on it until you are satisfied with how much time you spend on your phone.
  • You should obviously avoid placing your phone on your belly or too close to it because direct contact increases radiation emissions.
  • Take extra care during the first trimester, before the 12th week of pregnancy, as that is when most miscarriages occur.
  • Attach the Bodywell Chip to the back of your cell phone. Only this chip has been scientifically shown to absorb up to 80% of the radiation emitted by a cell phone.

Conclusion: Even if there is a remote possibility that cell phone radiation will be harmful to your child, it is best to take precautions as soon as you can when it comes to something as important as their health. The effects that our beloved devices have on our health are not yet widely acknowledged, but it is better to take action now rather than wait until it is too late.
Therefore, take all the necessary precautions now and purchase a Bodywell Chip that will absorb the radiation that your body would otherwise absorb.

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