The Art Of Living EMF-Free: Five Unmissable Morning Habits To Try

The Art Of Living EMF-Free: Five Unmissable Morning Habits To Try

Anna is your typical smartphone user. 

As soon as she hits the snooze button in the morning, she reaches for her phone to check if anyone has posted anything new on Facebook overnight. 

It was an automatic habit she formed over the years. 

Studies have shown that the average person spends about four hours and ten minutes daily on their phone.

Plus, a recent survey showed that on the job, workers are wasting an average of 56 minutes a day on their phones for non-work stuff — that's equivalent to five entire hours thrown away every single day because of smartphones.

Anna is no exception.

When her manager asks for her input on a project, she reflexively slides back into her emails to see if she catches everything.

When she wants to show her friends something funny, she goes to YouTube or TikTok.

At lunchtime, Anna scrolls through Twitter instead of talking to her colleagues.

She wants to stay updated with the latest trends and happenings around the world.

Even when she is out with friends, she constantly reaches for her phone to take pictures and post them online.

Many of us are like Anna. 

We can't imagine a life without our phones, but little do we realize that this lifestyle has severe consequences for our health - from EMF radiation to sleep deprivation and more.

Okay, now that we understand how our dependence on mobile devices can affect our health and well-being, let's talk about the effects of exposure to EMF radiation.

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, and it's the type of radiation that comes from electronic devices like our smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

You can’t see, smell, touch, or taste it.

But its impact on your health is something you should be aware of. 


Being exposed to EMF radiation for long periods can severely affect your health. 

For example, it can lead to headaches, fatigue, and even trouble sleeping. 

It can also lead to anxiety and depression, which we often associate with stress or aging! 

But the effects don't stop there.

Some studies have suggested that long-term exposure to EMF radiation may increase the risk of certain types of cancer, such as brain tumors.

It's no surprise that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined radiation from cell phones is potentially hazardous. 

After all, studies have linked its usage to a higher risk for glioma, a super dangerous kind of brain cancer.

Talk about putting the fear of cell phones in us.

So let's start today by being aware of how EMF radiation can affect us and creating healthier habits for the morning. 

Here are five ideas to help you get started right away!

The Five Morning Habits To Start Your Day 

Now that you know the effects of EMF radiation and how necessary it is to lower our exposure, let's talk about the five morning habits that will help you lead a healthy and EMF-free life. 

First, turn off all electronics half an hour before bedtime.

This includes phones, computers, iPods, etc. 

Doing this will help relax your body and mind, so you get a good night's sleep.

Second, try getting up without using an alarm clock.

Do you ever spend precious time in the morning endlessly scrolling through your phone?

Why not make the most of your mornings by using your body's internal clock to wake up naturally - without having to set the alarm or be exposed to EMF radiation?

Research shows that our bodies react positively to sleeping and waking up regularly. 

But it can take a bit of practice until we find the proper routine. 

To start, try going to bed and rising at roughly the same time each day, gradually adjusting the wake-up time until it's when you want it. 

With enough repetition, you'll find that your body can accurately regulate its clock, which means no more relying on alarms and less EMF radiation exposure.

Third, start each day with some type of physical exercise. 

You don't need to do anything crazy. 

A few stretches or a short 10-minute stroll are enough. 

If you have time in the mornings, treat yourself to a 15-minute yoga session. 

It's perfect for loosening up your limbs and setting you up for the day ahead. 

Staying active will give you more energy and make you feel better. 

But it'll bombard your body with that sweet, sweet dopamine that we typically get from spending too long on our phones. 

So why not give your body the boost it deserves?

Fourth, take a few moments to practice meditation or mindfulness. 

Start your day by taking a few moments to focus on your breathing. Doing so helps reduce the cortisol, or stress hormones, that can quickly rack up during the day and leave you feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. 

When you're calm and centered, it's easier to make conscious decisions about how you use your phones and other digital gadgets. 

Instead of scrolling mindlessly or staring at a screen for hours, bring yourself back to the present moment, pay attention to your posture, and be mindful of your body. 

Not only will this habit help you become more aware of when and why you check your phone, but it will also reduce the amount of EMF radiation your body is exposed to!

Finally, limit screen time first thing in the morning. 

Set limits on devices or use an app to monitor usage.

In addition, stay away from screens for at least one hour before turning in.

Start your day by integrating these beneficial habits into your morning routine! 

These habits can help lower your EMF exposure and improve your overall health and happiness. 

Baby steps are key. 

Don't be too harsh on yourself if it takes time to develop new habits. 

It's totally worth it in the end!

In Conclusion

Nothing beats waking up refreshed and full of energy. 

That's why these five practical morning habits are so helpful: 

  • Unplugging before bed 
  • Waking up naturally 
  • Adding physical activity 
  • Being mindful 
  • Limiting screen time 

Implementing them can drastically reduce EMF radiation exposure in your day-to-day life, positively affecting your well-being. 

That said, if you want to step up your protection, the Bodywell Chip is an excellent choice. 

It's an anti-radiation chip that absorbs WiFi, 5G, and Bluetooth device radiation quickly and easily. 

Just place it on your devices, and you can keep your mornings worry-free! 

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