France Stops Sales of This Famous Phone Brand After Emerging Safety Concerns



The French government is testing Apple's update before allowing sales of the 2020 iPhone 12 to resume, hinting at potential concerns.

France stopped the distribution of the iPhone 12 last year, September 2023, after tests showed it had breached the new European radiation exposure limits.

Dr. Joseph Mercola says radiation from phones and Wi-Fi can make free radicals that harm DNA and cells.

This can lead to issues such as fatigue, headaches, and memory loss.

In fact, these waves as stated by The World Health Organization (WHO)…

Has even been considered a “possible carcinogen” since 2011.


Report published by the WHO labeling EMFs as a “possible carcinogen”.

And just last year, the French Agency for Radio Frequencies (ANFR) found out the iPhone 12's EMF radiation was too high when people held it or kept it in their pockets.

Out of 141 cell phones tested, the iPhone 12's radiation was 5.74 watts per kilogram.

This is about 43.05% past their radiation safety limits, which should be below 4.00 watts per kilogram.

This means iPhone 12 users could be exposed to unsafe levels of EMF radiation every single day…

Which can put them at risk of developing serious health problems as mentioned by Dr Joseph Mercola and the WHO.

Can The U.S. Safety Limit Protect Us From This Silent Epidemic?

Update: As of July 14, 2023 — 259 EMF scientists from 44 nations and 15 Supporting Scientists from 11 nations have made an urgent appeal.

Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University leads this appeal…

Where they've called for the UN and WHO to enforce stricter EMF rules primarily to protect children and pregnant women.

This appeal sparks a long overdue discussion about the current state of the US tech safety standards.

Even Apple warns users about the waves their gadgets give off.

Hidden in fine print, you can find they’ve written a safety guideline that tells users to keep their devices at least 5 mm away from the body.


RF Exposure guidelines hidden in fine print in iPhone’s Legal & Regulatory settings.

You can find this through:

(Settings → General → Legal & Regulatory → RF Exposure)

Apple even goes as far as suggesting users to use speakerphones or headphones to keep those waves at a safe distance.

Why should this concern us?

The last time the FCC updated our safety standards was back in 1996.

This was way before 3g was invented!

Worse still, these tests were done in military tents with full-grown adults.

Where they tested EMF exposure through handheld radios intended for military use for no more than 6 minutes.


The 1996 US tech safety standards were established by testing the impact of electromagnetic field (EMF) waves on various objects, using radios dating back to World War II.

They did NOT consider conducting tests with 4g or 5g phones — as smartphones did not exist 28 years ago.

But see, that’s not even the biggest problem with the tests they ran.

These tests didn’t consider what EMF waves would do to children!

Because children have thinner skulls than adults. They can soak up to 10 times more radiation as EMF waves can penetrate far more easily.


Demonstration of mobile phone radiation impact on the brain for different ages in published 2017 ResearchGate study.

This means kids are at a bigger risk of developing serious complications.

Every time we use our gadgets, they send out bursts of EMF radiation per millisecond.

Scientists worry about these quick, powerful bursts of signals.

They believe it can mess up our body's natural balance.

This means our bodies must work overtime fighting off free radicals, adding to what Dr. Mercola said about the damage it can do.

The Problem With Product Safety Tests Done Today


In a Harvard study, about 77% of children at 2 years old use phones or tablets every day, showing how early they get used to technology.

Here’s another point to consider…

Big companies test their phones in a way that's very different from how we use them daily.

Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University pointed out that these tests consider 'regular use' to be using a phone once a week for six months.

They then say EMF radiation is no big deal based on this.

But let's be real.

Kids are on their phones for hours, not just once a week.

Most kids are even exposed to EMF radiation way before they can speak.

Which means they’re exposed to more radiation than what current tests measure.

Dr. Havas Even Found That a 10-Minute Call Can Disrupt Our Nervous and Cardiovascular Systems.

She shared pictures of red blood cells to show how EMF affects them.

One picture shows healthy blood cells in a low EMF environment.

Another picture shows blood cells clumped together after someone used a cordless phone for 10 minutes.

A third picture shows clumped blood cells from using a computer with wires for 70 minutes.


Peer Review of the Draft NTP Technical Reports on Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation published by Dr. Magda Havas.

Dr. Havas explains that clumped blood cells cause problems.

First, they can't carry enough oxygen to essential body parts, which may lead weakness and muscle pain.

Second, they can't remove toxins efficiently, which can lead to severe diseases.

Lastly, clumped cells could cause heart issues by blocking blood flow to the brain and the heart.

This is why EMF scientists are concerned about the US’ vintage tech safety standards.

And why it’s advised to take precautionary measures to protect ourselves from irreversible damage.


Concerns about the health impacts of living near cell towers have led to community activism, with some studies reporting abnormal hormone levels and reduced cognitive abilities in individuals near these towers.

What To Do Next?

Even after knowing about the harmful effects of EMF radiation…

We all know devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets are never going away.

So instead of tip-toeing around the potential dangers EMF radiation poses…

EMF experts and scientists have banded together to create a simple yet comprehensive solution.

Introducing the Bodywell Chip

Over the past 12 years

EMF expert Haim Einhorn and his team from Switzerland developed the world’s most scientifically advanced solution for EMF radiation exposure…

Designed to protect users from the potential long-term effects of EMF radiation.

And with close collaboration from famous neurologist Dr. Nancy Mueller and biomedical scientist Dr. Nachaat Mazeh…

Dr. Mark Krinker, Dr. Stella Aronov, Dr. Tzippi Berker, and Prof. Moshe Einat, to name a few…


They’ve created a chip to help “absorb” EMF waves so your body won’t have to.

They called it the Bodywell Chip.

It’s a mix of scientifically backed minerals that act as “magnets” that draw in EMF radiation away from the body.

In full transparency, these tests were conducted inside the most reputable ISO17025 accredited RF Exposure Lab in California…

And were done using practical tests that show exactly how we use these devices.

LAB (3).webp__PID:3c0b77c1-5017-488c-a92c-14903a332a3c

Tested at ISO17025 accredited RF Exposure Lab located at Twin Oaks Valley Road, USA

5 Ways the Bodywell Chip can help protect against EMF radiation.

Reduces heat exposure, especially to crucial areas such as the brain.

Guards against unsafe device-related pH level changes.

Boosts focus and clarity by balancing the brain with EEG synchronization.

✅ Manufactured and Developed with Swiss Engineering.

Fully tested in the US’ most reputable ISO17025 accredited RF Exposure Lab.


The Bodywell Chip was developed by Swiss Engineers in 2012 to address the growing concern about health risks linked to EMF waves.

Gadgets are a big part of our lives – especially our children.

Sadly, wireless devices come with a hidden worry: EMF radiation.

The Bodywell Chip helps protect us from the effects of EMF radiation…

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