France Stops The Distribution of iPhone 12s In The Country.


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In September 2023, France made headlines by temporarily banning the sale of the iPhone 12, citing concerns over electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation levels.

France's National Frequency Agency (ANFR) looked closely at the radiation levels of 141 phones, including the famous iPhone 12.

They found something worrying.

SAR was the main focus, which shows how much radiation our bodies soak up from phones.

They discovered the iPhone 12 gave off more radiation than allowed, leading many French stores to stop selling it online.

This problem is about more than just complicated tech terms.

It's about how close we keep our phones - in our hands or pockets, not safely in our bags.

Phones should only release up to 4 watts of radiation per kilogram when close to us.

But the iPhone 12 exceeded this limit, hitting 5.74 watts, causing concern not just for regulators but for parents worldwide.

So why should you be concerned?

EMF radiation does more than make our skin warm after a long phone call.

Dr. Joseph Mercola warns that EMF from phones and Wi-Fi releases free radicals.

These harm our cells and DNA, leading to tiredness, headaches, forgetfulness, and even cancer, says the World Health Organization.

Our children, with their gadgets always in hand or near their ears, face more EMF than adults.

Some research says they get up to 10 times more radiation than us:


Demonstration of mobile phone radiation impact on the brain for different ages in published 2017 ResearchGate study.

Why does this matter to us parents?

Studies like those from Professor Lennart Hardell in Sweden found that young people who use their phones a lot have a bigger chance of getting brain tumors later.

No wonder, in 2019, 190 scientists from 39 countries wrote to the UN and WHO.

Led by Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University, they appealed for stricter EMF rules – especially for children and pregnant moms.

UPDATE: As of July 14, 2023, 259 EMF scientists from 44 nationsand 15 Supporting Scientists from 11 nations have signed the Appeal.

The U.S. Hasn’t Updated Its Safety Standard For 27 Years!

So, why would a famous American phone get banned in other countries?

It's because of old safety rules from the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) made in 1996.

Yes, you read that right, 1996.

Think about using a '96 car for today's fast roads.

That's what we're doing with our current EMF safety guidelines.

These old rules used a 220-pound man and didn't consider kids' smaller, more sensitive bodies.


Inaccurate Model: A picture of SAR Test Dummies most companies use to comply with EMF safety guidelines. This shows a gap between real-world applications V.S. lab tests.

Kids are at a higher risk because their brains are growing and their skulls are thinner.

Plus, these rules didn't see smartphones or Wi-Fi coming.

We didn't even have 3G back then, and now there's 5G, which is way stronger.

Even former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg, recently went online to explain how harmful 5G technology could be:

Former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg

“One segment of 5G technology is millimeter waves. Millimeter waves are used by the US and Israeli governments in their Active Denial systems, which are used for crowd control. And what they do is they provide a very painful reaction in the skin [and] organs of the body. We have no idea what the impacts will be to human health if that kind of millimeter wave technology is used, and we were exposed to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The old '30-minute average' rule needs to be updated.

This rule used to say EMF wasn't harmful if you looked at it over 30 minutes.

That may make sense when phones were just for calls or texts.

But now, phones do a lot more.

Dr. Weiwei Chen from Florida International University found out little kids see screens for over three hours a day and older kids for more than seven hours.

That's way more EMF than the old rules thought.

This lesson tells us we need to act.

Our safety standards are too old and might put our kids in danger.

If the government doesn't update these rules, we must take steps to keep safe.

What You Can Do Today To Protect You and Your Family Against EMF Radiation.

France stopping the iPhone 12 sale is a big heads-up for everyone.

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