France Halts iPhone 12 Sales Over Health Concerns: What You Should Know



The French government is testing Apple's update before allowing sales of the 2020 iPhone 12 to resume, hinting at potential concerns.

France stopped selling the iPhone 12 in September 2023 because it was emitting too much radiation, which could be bad for health.

Tests showed the radiation levels were higher than what's considered safe, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola and the WHO.

The French Agency for Radio Frequencies (ANFR) discovered that the iPhone 12's radiation was 5.74 watts per kilogram, going over safety limits by 43.05%.

This means people using the iPhone 12 might be exposed to unsafe radiation every day.

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Dr. Martin Blank in The CommonWealth Club

Dr. Martin Blank from Columbia University is leading a global appeal for stricter rules on radiation from devices. They want the UN and WHO to make rules to protect vulnerable groups like children and pregnant women.

There are also concerns about the safety standards for US technology, last updated in 1996.

These standards don't account for today's technology and don't consider the extra risk to children, who can absorb up to 10x more radiation due to their thinner skulls.


Demonstration of mobile phone radiation impact on the brain for different ages in published ResearchGate study

Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University pointed out that big companies test phones differently from how we use them daily. She says these tests don't reflect real-life situations, especially for children.

Dr. Havas's research showed that a 10-minute phone call can disrupt our nervous and cardiovascular systems, highlighting the need for updated safety standards.

To help people create a safer home environment, there's a free guide called "5-Minute EMF Safety Check for Your Home."

Start taking important steps to protect yourself and your family from the potential risks of radiation exposure.

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France stopping the iPhone 12 sale is a big heads-up for everyone.

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