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Stop EMF Radiation Now!

Safeguard With This USA-Tested & Swiss-Engineered Technology


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Why is the Bodywell Chip Superior Over The Average Anti-EMF Brands?

Sleeves, Pendants, And Bracelets don’t WORK…
And you know it

These products are only designed to do one thing: make you feel better.
They don’t do anything to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. Why?
Because they only cover a small area of your body -- like your head, chest, or neck. They can’t possibly provide enough protection from the EMF radiation around you. Even bad news? Some of these products contain poisonous materials that could worsen your EMF exposure.

Don't Gamble On Your Health... Use This Swiss-Engineered Technology

A safer, better alternative is the Bodywell Chip. Not only does it absorb 80% of EMF radiation, but it does so without emitting toxins on its own or weakening signal strength. The Bodywell Chip is made with a unique, patented technology tested and proven by a certified testing facility in California, USA.


The Future Of EMF Protection Is Here


Place it on the surface or in the battery compartment of any mobile device and inside the protecting case without causing any bulges.


Bodywell is not model-specific. It can protect you from EMF radiation no matter what kind of mobile device you have.


The Bodywell Chip addresses the source of EMF radiation -- the device itself. No need to worry about which part of your body is most exposed to EMF radiation.


The premium materials It doesn't wear out or break down over time. Expect total EMF protection for the lifetime of your mobile device.

Dr. Nancy Mueller

Institute of Neurological Care

Tested In An FCC-Certified Lab In The USA

The Bodywell Chip is a high-performance, gold standard for wireless communication. It underwent seven years of research and three years in an FCC-certified laboratory in California, USA, before we could deliver it to you! We work hard so your body can be at its best - feeling good inside out

How To Install

Every time you use a cellphone, your brain absorbs radiation. The Bodywell chip reduces the absorption by up to a staggering 80%!

Step 1:

Remove the backing from the chip.

Step 2:

If your device has a matte finish, use one of the adhesives to apply the chip

Step 3:

Apply the chip to the right of your camera on the back of your phone

Step 4:

Use your device like normal and enjoy protection from the harmful effects of RF exposure.

Did You Know?

SAR is the GOLD STANDARD for testing RF radiation absorption, which is MANDATORY for worldwide cell phone manufacturers to pass before releasing a new product. Unless the pendant, necklace, or other wearables you're buying has a SAR of 80% or higher, you're just gambling on your health.


Are You Still Using These Outdated Anti-EMF Methods?


Weaken phone signal. Not compatible with tablets, laptops, and WiFi routers.


“Localized” protection and fails to address EMF radiation right at its source – the device itself.


“Localized” protection. It will look outdated so fast.

EMF-Protection For Mobile Users Of All Ages

The Bodywell Chip is for people of all ages, whether they’re eight or eighty. It’s easy to apply on any mobile device currently in the market or even those released a few years back.
While developing the Bodywell Chip, we're well aware of its impact on the environment. So we only used non-toxic materials that are also child-friendly.
The Bodywell Chip doesn't just reduce your EMF exposure, but it also helps preserve the environment for future generations because it lasts for a lifetime.It doesn't need recharging, doesn't weigh down your devices, and doesn't require any upkeep.
In other words, one purchase will take care of your EMF protection needs for the rest of your device’s life.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Bodywell Chip work?

The Bodywell Chip features Mobiletek Technology which contains natural metals and materials that help absorb 5G and WiFi radiation

The chip can be placed on the back of any mobile device and will work to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

Who should use the Bodywell Chip?

Anyone who spends much time on their mobile phone or other mobile devices can benefit from using the Bodywell Chip.

These users include:

● Students who use their phones, laptops, or tablets to study or do homework
● Working professionals who use their phones for work-related tasks or to stay connected with co-workers
● Parents who want to protect their children from EMF radiation
● Grandparents who want to stay connected with their grandchildren without exposing them to EMF radiation
● People who work in customer service or other phone-based jobs
● Frontliners who should always be ready to receive calls
● People with EMF sensitivities or who want to reduce their exposure to EMF radiation

If you are concerned about your exposure to EMF radiation, then the Bodywell Chip is a great way to help reduce your risk

How long does the Bodywell Chip last?

The Bodywell Chip is designed to last a long time -- even outliving your mobile devices and laptops.

The chip contains components that do not need to be recharged or replaced, so it's not prone to wear and tear.

You can expect the chip to last for several years with normal use.

To get the most out of your Bodywell Chip, we recommend keeping it clean and free from dirt or debris.

Does the Bodywell Chip only work on cell phones?

While the Bodywell Chip is famous for being an anti-radiation solution for cell phones, it's designed to work on any wireless device that harnesses 5G and WiFi technology.

This includes laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and even baby monitors.

You can place the Bodywell Chip on any of these devices to help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

Is the Bodywell Chip safe?

The Bodywell Chip is made with natural materials that help absorb EMF radiation.

These materials have been tested for safety and are not known to cause adverse health effects.

The Bodywell Chip does not emit any EMF radiation, so you can be sure it's safe to use.

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Stop EMF Radiation Now!
Safeguard With This USA-Tested & Swiss-Engineered Technology


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