5 Hidden Dangers of EMFs: 

What Big Tech Won't Tell You!

5 Hidden Dangers of EMFs: 

What Big Tech Won't Tell You!

1. The 1996 EMF Rules Don't Match Today's Setting

Let's return to 1996 when our EMF safety limits were set. They were influenced by the Telecommunications Act and were based on limited US military testing from the 80s. Today? We have over 330 million cell phone users in the U.S., up from just 40 million. Yet, our safety standards? They haven't changed since the 90s. What's alarming is the list of evidence showing that EMF radiation could be tied to health scares like cancer.

2. Modern 5G & Wi-Fi Networks Are Risky

Modern 5G and Wi-Fi are much more potent than their older versions. They're blazing fast and incredibly powerful. But this might come with risks. These powerful signals can heat our tissues and might increase the chances of diseases like cancer. And that's not all. They could disrupt our body's natural electric balance, which isn't good news.

3. More Screen Time, More EMF Exposure

The average person now spends over three hours daily on mobile devices. Phones aren't just for calls anymore—they're our entertainment, shopping, and communication centers. But with more time on screens, we're exposed to more EMF radiation. To put things in perspective: if you use your phone for 17 minutes daily over a decade, you might up your brain tumor risk by a whopping 60%.

4. 200+ EMF Experts Warn About Health Risks

In 2015, over 200 top scientists from 39 countries made a big noise. They urged the UN and WHO to tighten EMF radiation safety standards. And they had loads of studies backing them up, many pointing to health risks, especially cancer. Even the World Health Organization's research wing called EMF a possible human carcinogen in 2013. That's huge, right?

5. Non-Profit Organization Exposes Gov't Safety Rules Are Old

The Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a passionate non-profit focused on health research, made waves in 2019. They took on the Federal Communications Commission and highlighted their outdated approach to EMF radiation safety. And they won via a Court of Appeals ruling! This was more than a victory for EHT—it underscored the need for decisions based on solid science, not business interests.

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