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  • Supports increased mental clarity*
  • Aids in enhancing daily energy levels*
  • Fosters a sense of well-being around wireless devices*
  • Provides peace of mind by improving the body’s defense against EMF radiation effects*

*All individuals are unique. Results can and will vary.





w/Swiss-made technology & parts


  • Supports increased mental clarity*
  • Aids in enhancing daily energy levels*
  • Fosters a sense of well-being around wireless devices*
  • Provides peace of mind by improving the body’s defense against EMF radiation effects*

*All individuals are unique. Results can and will vary.

User Testimonials

Expert Review of the Bodywell Chip

- Dr. Nachaat Mazeh, PhD

Biomedical Physicist

Beaumont University

"I’ve seen the Bodywell Chip effectively reduce SAR levels by up to 80% without compromising phone signal, as shown in rigorous FCC-certified lab tests.

Made from natural aluminum, it also shows promising signs of boosting plant growth and water quality.

This suggests it may offer more extensive health benefits.

Using simulated brain tissue, this chip demonstrated how it might cut down the EMF energy the brain absorbs.

This indicates we may be on the cusp of a significant scientific breakthrough in personal health devices."


Absolutely adore this!

Best decision for my peace of mind. Wish I'd opted for it earlier. Sleek and efficient, and it seamlessly integrates with all my gadgets. Cheers to safety!

Ethan R.


Night and day difference

Got this chip to replace an older one I had. Night and day difference, for real. This Bodywell Chip? Hands down the best I've ever used.

Allie H.


I’m all in

Helps align my mindset and smooth out those mental wrinkles. I've been feeling these subtle upgrades in my day-to-day. And for a boost? Just chill with the device near you. I have more insights to drop later, but I'm all in.

Dylan S.


I’ve found my inner zen

Love this chip! Snoozing's become a dream, and there's this inner zen I've tapped into. Before this, my sleep game was kinda off. Already scored one for a buddy of mine.

Michael V.


Lives up to its promise

I'm still in the initial stages of using the Bodywell Chip, but so far, it's living up to its promises. I'm particularly impressed by the thorough testing and research behind it. It feels good to trust a product that's scientifically proven.

Nigel M.


Solid scientific backing

I've placed my Bodywell Chip strategically so that my phone still connects with the tower, but the EMF doesn't pass through me. Now, I can use my device comfortably without any concerns. The scientific backing of the chip gives me added assurance.

Daniel P.


It has won me over!

Initially, I was skeptical about the Bodywell Chip. Surprisingly, I purchased more for my family after experiencing the difference. The research behind it is impressive, and it's an understated, lightweight solution. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly.

Emma J.


Best tech I tried

I've tried multiple EMF protection solutions over the years, but the Bodywell Chip stands out. Its incomparable performance offers peace of mind without compromising on device functionality. Though the design is simple, its effectiveness is proven.

Liam H.


More at ease…

Getting the Bodywell Chip for my teenage daughter was the best decision. She's now more at ease using her phone, and it's as if she just had a wellness check. It's gratifying to know she's protected.

Sophie A.

Quality You Can Count

The Bodywell Chip is tested to ensure it does not weaken or block your device’s signal – maintaining top-notch performance.

Tested to work on major tech brands and is effective across past, present, or future device models.

Designed for longevity. The Bodywell Chip consistently performs for over 5 years, as verified by extensive multi-year testing.

Certified by RF Exposure Lab in California, an independent third-party facility, confirming significant reduction in EMF radiation absorption for users.

Meet Haim Einhorn

CEO of EZ Technologies, the Swiss-based innovator behind Bodywell Chip and a recognized voice in EMF radiation education for over ten years.

Haim runs Bodywell USA in Miami, Florida.

He's dedicated to guiding the company's vision of blending technology seamlessly with our daily lives.

For over a decade, Haim has been a vocal advocate for safe gadget use, educating people about the potential effects of EMF radiation with passion and expertise.

Putting his own trust on the line, Haim has even tested cellphone radiation on himself to ensure the Bodywell Chip's effectiveness.

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