About Bodywell History

Over 10 Years Of Research

Imagine it's 1971, Intel releases the world's first microprocessor, the first ever e-mail is sent between host computers, and the world is booming with technology. It's both thrilling and terrifying, especially for the elder generation.

As much as you didn't want to think of your family members as entities that could be harmed by their surroundings, you couldn't help but be concerned about how all of this technology will affect children.

That’s why CEO, Haim Einhorn has invested more than 10 years and millions of dollars on his quest to create a solution for the potential dangers of RF absorption.

As a worried parent and grandparent, the Bodywell chip was created to provide a layer of protection and peace of mind for safely using RF emitting devices, especially for children.

Haim’s mentor of promoting human health, Emil Albert Schaerer, founded Bodywell Switzerland in 1971 and his motto was “My life’s mission is to spread health with the world”. Haim took it upon himself to continue his legacy and made it his own life’s mission as well.

Made in Switzerland

The Bodywell Chip’s precise components are all developed and manufactured in the highest quality facilities in Switzerland.

Similar to a high-end timepiece, that requires an extraordinary level of precision, the Bodywell Chip is carefully produced and tested to consistently provide effective results.

Proprietary Mobiletek™ Technology

MobileTek technology is a cutting-edge solution designed to mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds. With almost two decades of extensive research and development, backed by scientific validation from U.S. universities and scientists, MobileTek stands as a pioneer in the field of EMF protection.

Manufactured exclusively in Switzerland, the technology is incorporated into products like the BodyWell Card, which not only serves as a protective layer against radiation but is also the only known product rigorously tested and verified through Vigors tests for its bio-stabilizing and pH-balancing effects. These attributes make it beneficial for general health and well-being, and even suggest its potential for aiding in recovery from radiation-based cancer treatments.

Safe, effective, and scientifically validated, MobileTek technology offers a comprehensive layer of protection against environmental factors that are increasingly recognized as potential health hazards.