How Our Technology Affects The Brain

Understanding MobileTek Technology's Role in Enhancing Brain Activity Synchronization


I'm Dror Levy, the Chief Scientist at Bodywell USA.

Today, I'll shed light on the fascinating mechanics behind how MobileTek technology aligns with brain activity, underscoring its effectiveness. I aim to relay this information in layman's terms for clarity, but those interested in a deeper dive can always refer to our comprehensive study.

To set the stage: The brain communicates through electrical impulses, which we measure using an Electroencephalogram (EEG). This diagnostic tool helps diagnose and monitor various conditions ranging from seizure disorders, brain tumors, inflammation, to sleep and mental disorders.

A significant study led by Dr. Regina Shmelkina, a seasoned neurologist and researcher with over 30 years in clinical neurology and neurodiagnostics, delved into understanding the brain's electrical activity, particularly focusing on the alpha-power and alpha-indexes.

The findings were intriguing: When the protective card (imbued with MobileTek technology) was used in conjunction with a phone, there was a notable increase in the alpha-indexes across all participants. Moreover, alpha-power increased in two-thirds (66%) of the cases, a result backed by statistical significance.

So, what's the implication for the average person?

Given the brain's electrical activity's paramount importance to our overall health, these results hint at the potential impacts of cellphone use on our brain activity. The Bodywell Card, powered by MobileTek technology, seems to promote healthier brain activity patterns—often associated with relaxation and optimal brain function. Such patterns could potentially counteract issues like seizures or sleep disorders, ensuring our brains operate at their peak, allowing for clearer thought processes, decision- making, and emotional regulation.

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