Hey there,

One of the most disturbing images I ever saw comes from a study titled “Reduction of Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation Effect on Human Body.”

First let’s take a look at the image:


What you see is the differences in radiation absorption between a 5-year kid, a 10-year kid, and an adult that use a cell phone.

Shocking right?

Same device…

Different levels of absorption.

And as you can see, a little kid’s brain absorbs the most radiation.


There are several reasons for this:

  • Thinner Skulls: Children have thinner skulls compared to adults. This means that the barrier between radiation and the brain is less robust in children. This allows more radiation to penetrate deeper into their brain tissue
  • Higher Water Content: Children's brains have a higher water content. A high water content means that the brain is more conductive. In layman’s terms, this extra conductivity means more radiation absorbed by a kid’s brain
  • Smaller Heads and Brains: Due to their smaller size, a greater proportion of a child's brain is exposed to radiation when using devices close to the head
  • Longer Lifetime Exposure: Children born today will have a longer period of exposure to radiation from wireless devices throughout their lifetimes than adults today. This increased duration of exposure is worrisome since we don’t know how it will affect them over time.

This is very worrisome because most kids today (especially in the US) spend hours with their devices.

In the past, they'd go out and play with their friends...

But today?

Not so much.

So they're bombarding their little brains and bodies with radiation day in, day out, for hours.

It’s a sobering thought, right?

Thankfully, many great parents know about radiation and its effects on kids...

And act accordingly to protect them. How do I know?

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They want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our solutions will absorb up to 80% of the radiation.

And sure.

You can try having them spend less time with their devices.

But that's not realistic.

(Plus, your little one might rebel and complain!)

Instead, our clients just pick a more realistic, zero-drama solution, aka Bodywell.

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Haim Einhorn
CEO, Bodywell USA