BioCard Pro

Pocket-sized EMF protection for your everyday life.

  • The compact card design easily slips into pockets, wallets, or bags. Place it by your desk, in your car, or near your baby's crib.
  • Built with Swiss-engineered MobileTek technology, tested and verified by an FCC-certified U.S. lab.
  • Delivers total EMF defense, elevating your daily health and comfort.
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Pocket-sized EMF protection for your everyday life.

  • The compact card design easily slips into pockets, wallets, or bags. Place it by your desk, in your car, or near your baby's crib.
  • Built with Swiss-engineered MobileTek technology, tested and verified by an FCC-certified U.S. lab.
  • Delivers total EMF defense, elevating your daily health and comfort.
Pocket-Sized Neutralizer Against
EMF Radiation with Extended Range

Unlike traditional solutions, the BioCard Pro offers extended protection against EMF radiation, covering your phone and a more comprehensive range of wireless devices nearby.
With the BioCard Pro, you can carry EMF protection wherever you need it - in your pocket, on your desk, near your baby’s crib, inside your car's dashboard, by your bedside drawer, in your wallet, or anywhere else you require protection.

Its credit card design allows for versatile usage in various scenarios, from daily commutes to nighttime rest.
This powerful tool works subtly and efficiently, absorbing 80% of your phone's radiation, neutralizing its effects before reaching your body, and offering broader coverage for other wireless devices.

The best part?
There's no need to change your phone usage habits, and its many uses make it an adaptable solution, ensuring complete protection against the invisible hazards of EMF exposure.
This is particularly crucial for men who often keep their phones in their trouser pockets, putting a sensitive area at risk. The declining male fertility rates globally are a growing concern, and mobile phones could be a contributing factor.

The BioCard Pro, enhanced with our groundbreaking MobileTek technology, is a potent neutralizer of EMF radiation for your phone and other devices.
Its discrete design means it's not affixed to your phone, maintaining its identity as a simple, versatile card.

Even better?
Your phone's functionality remains unaffected. You can still use your device to talk to friends, connect with colleagues through video conferencing, have fun watching streaming videos, or stay up-to-date with the latest news worldwide.
The BioCard Pro is a convenient solution if you cannot attach a case to a work phone, temporary phone, or borrowed one, or if you're simply fond of your current issue but want additional anti-radiation protection.

In other words, with the BioCard Pro, you get top-tier radiation protection without significant changes to your online habits.

What’s more, installation is easy.

Simply position your BioCard Pro between your phone and your body to arm yourself against mobile phone radiation.

  • Credit-card-size design makes it compact and discreet. Slim, stylish design
  • Versatile
  • Durable and long-lasting, with no need for replacement or recharging
  • Accredited FCC Lab Tested
  • Universally compatible with current models of devices
Swiss-Engineered and U.S. Tested Quality

Designed with precision and meticulous care in our Swiss facilities, nestled within the serene backdrop of the Alpine landscape, not in a faceless mass-production factory. Our products carry impeccable Swiss engineering and the assurance of rigorous testing performed in the U.S., ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and effectiveness.


Bodywell products integrate our ground-breaking MobileTek technology, meticulously engineered to curtail EMF radiation's Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by a substantial 80%. This acts to minimize its possible detrimental effects on your health significantly. MobileTek operates on a critical principle: mitigating the harmful frequencies emitted by EMF radiation without hindering the performance of your devices. In an era dominated by wireless connectivity, our technology ensures that your AirPods and AirPods Pro continue to provide the convenience and sound quality you love but with significantly reduced EMF exposure.

The looming presence of 5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth technologies in our everyday gadgets like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones has been a driving force behind the evolution of our innovative MobileTek technology.

Our solution counters the cumulative impact of these technologies on your body's cells, which can disrupt your SAR levels and throw your peak mental, physical, and emotional functioning off balance.

MobileTek works at the sub-atomic level. This means it does not block or alter the EMFs but instead harmonizes their energetic frequencies. This approach ensures your devices continue functioning as they should while still bestowing you the gift of superior protection against the invisible hazards of EMF radiation.

Proven Results

The efficacy of Bodywell's MobileTek technology has been corroborated in a series of extensive studies and testing conducted by none other than RF Exposure Labs, LLC - a pioneer in the industry based in California, USA, with over 25 years of rich experience. Their research and analysis focused on test subjects' critical health parameters before and after exposure to EMF radiation, with and without MobileTek™.

The tests included an evaluation of Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS), which resulted in little to no impact on these crucial wireless communication parameters, thus assuring the seamless performance of your devices.

Equally significant was the Thermal Study Report, which demonstrated a noteworthy reduction in temperature from the baseline when using a device equipped with MobileTek™. This test directly addressed the thermal effects caused by the device usage, thereby underscoring the efficacy of our technology in mitigating these effects.

Furthermore, our technology exhibited its power in a pH level analysis. Despite the influence of a wirelessly connected EMF emitting device, MobileTek™ protected the water from turning acidic, maintaining its pH level.

In essence, MobileTek technology embedded in Bodywell products delivers on its promise, providing you with a robust protection against the unseen hazards of EMF radiation, as certified by experts in the field.

thermal reduction
reduction of SAR
PH recovered
Why Guarding Against EMF Radiation Matters
Everyday Life

In today's modern world, EMF radiation is everywhere. From our homes to our offices, coffee shops, open spaces, and even elevators.

Hidden Concerns

Increase in cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, and other wireless devices emitting Electromagnetic radiofrequency (EMF) radiation.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, under the World Health Organization, has found a link between this radiation and tumors like glioma.

Potential Health Impacts

Sleep disturbances (Insomnia)
Altered brain functionality.
Potential nerve damage

Enter The BioCard Pro

It's a pocket-sized shield against the omnipresent EMF radiation, ensuring you can go about your day with one less thing to worry about.

The Science Speaks
“Swedish study says 5G causes Microwave Syndrome”

The first-ever study of the health effects of 5G radiation on humans shows that 5G causes symptoms of microwave syndrome (also known as “electromagnetic hypersensitivity) and a massive increase in microwave radiation. The case study also confirms that radiation below levels allowed by the authorities causes ill health.

“Health Impact of 5G”

The European Parliament requested this report and concluded that commonly used RFR frequencies (450 to 6000 MHz) could cause human cancer – such as gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

The report also suggested that these frequencies may affect male fertility and possibly affect the development of embryos, fetuses, and newborns.

"Wireless Radiation KILLS Brain Cells? The Highlights of Dr. Suleyman Kaplan's Research"

A presentation by Dr. Suleyman Kaplan from the Ondokuz Mayis University in Turkey on how wireless radiation at the government’s "safe" levels resulted in significant brain impacts in the learning and memory areas of the brain.

“Men Who Use Smartphones at Night Are Damaging Their Fertility, Study Suggests”

This article discusses a study that found that keeping mobile phones in front pockets for more than four hours every day is associated with increased instances of poor sperm quality.

“Effects of 2.4 GHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from Wi-Fi equipment on microRNA expression in brain tissue”

Long-term exposure to 2.4 GHz RF may lead to adverse effects such as neurodegenerative diseases originating from the alteration of some miRNA expression, and more studies should be devoted to the effects of RF radiation on miRNA expression levels.

The Science Behind BioCard Pro’s Breakthrough EMF Defense

The BioCard Pro features state-of-the-art MobileTek Technology that helps lower the impact of EMF radiation on your body effectively. 

It does this without weakening your device's connection, as confirmed by tests at RF Exposure Labs in California.

Maintains safe body temperature

Consider the human body's delicate temperature balance. Normal body temperature hovers around 37°C (98.6°F). Just a degree above that means you have a fever. A couple of degrees more can be life-threatening. This means even a slight increase in body temperature can significantly impact our health
Based on thermal tests done at RF Exposure Labs in California, carrying the BioCard PRO may lead to a 20% decrease in skin temperature – which may help promote comfort and reduce potential health risks.

Keeps a healthy pH

Our body's cells need the right pH to work well. EMFs can mess this up, making you tired, sick, or worse. Based on the study published in the New York City College of Health, MobileTek technology can keep your body's natural pH steady so you feel great all day

Balances the effect of EMF radiation

EMFs from devices like 5G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi can disrupt your brain's natural rhythm, potentially causing concentration issues or sleep disturbances.Author and researcher Regina Shmelkina experimented on actual human participants, showing that the core technology of the BioCard Pro may help counteract these disruptive frequencies.By balancing out your brain's activity, BioCard Pro can promote better focus during the day and more restful sleep at night.


SAR Change

A potentially reduced risk of health effects linked to long-term EMF energy exposure.

Increased wellness, as you may achieve a more balanced pH.

Peace of mind with advanced protection against EMF radiation exposure.

Best Uses For The BioCard Pro
In Your Pocket

Simply slide the BioCard Pro into your trousers or shirt pocket, especially if you often carry your phone there. This is particularly crucial for men, considering the potential risks of carrying phones close to sensitive areas.

Inside Your Wallet

Its slim design ensures it fits seamlessly inside any standard wallet, offering protection without adding bulk.

By Your Work Desk

Place it next to your computer, tablet, or phone to reduce EMF exposure while you work.

Beside Your Baby's Crib

Ensure your little one gets the best start by minimizing their exposure to EMFs from a young age.

In Your Car

Position the BioCard Pro on your dashboard or glove compartment to shield against radiation from your car's wireless systems and mobile devices.

On Your Bedside Table

Reduce nighttime exposure by placing the BioCard Pro beside your phone or alarm clock.

In Shared Spaces

If you're in a coffee shop, library, or any public space with multiple wireless devices, having the BioCard Pro nearby can offer added protection.

How To Apply Your BioCard Pro?
1 Choose a Spot

Decide where you want to keep the BioCard Pro.
It could be in your pocket, wallet, or even next to your work desk. The closer it is to your body, the better.

2 Place It There

If it's your pocket, just slide it in.
Find a slot or section where it fits snugly if it's your wallet. Just lay it flat next to your devices for places like your work desk or bedside table.

3 Go About Your Day

That's it!
There's no need for any adjustments or settings. Just keep the BioCard Pro close, and it will do its job.

What Users Are Saying

  • How does the BioCard Pro compare to other products?

    When sizing up the BioCard Pro to others, here are key points that make us stand out:

    1. Deep Roots: We're not just an online name. Based in Florida, the people behind this tech have been part of this journey since the 70s. We're grounded in history and a genuine mission.
    2. Top-notch Science: Over 20 years, we've fine-tuned our MobileTek tech, the BioCard Pro's core technology.
      We team up with global experts like Dr. Mark Krinker and Dr. Stella Aronov.
      With ties to respected places like the New York City College of Technology and RF Exposure Labs in California, our research isn't just thorough; it's credible.
    3. Swiss Precision: Our choice to manufacture in Switzerland wasn't about prestige.
      It was about quality. While others might cut corners, we stick to the highest standards.
    4. Made to Last: Our chip isn't a short-term fix.
      Even after five years, it's still hard at work, guarding you from potential radiation risks.
      Plus, its design fits any phone, with or without a case.

    In short, there might be many techs like this out there, but BioCard Pro’s history, science-backed approach, quality, and lasting design put us in our class.

  • Is this some electronic chip that is embedded in the body?

    Absolutely not. The BioCard Pro isn't an electronic insert for your body and doesn't have electronic parts.

    It's an external addition meant for phones or similar devices to reduce EMF radiation exposure.

    We're an independent company with no ties to governments or agencies.

    Plus, with BioCard Pro, there are zero invasive or tracking concerns. It's purely for protection, not monitoring.

  • Is it a tracking device?

    Not at all.

    Its function is to mitigate EMF radiation from your devices, with no hidden features or functions. 

    Here's the deal: It has no electronic components. 

    So, it can't track or know stuff about you.

    At Bodywell, we're all about keeping you safe from EMF. 

    Not intruding into your personal space.

    We're fully aware of how vital privacy is in today's digital age. 

    We get it. 

    Your privacy is a big deal. 

    So, we made the chip to respect that. And because there's no tech stuff inside, it can't track anything.

    Got questions? 

    Just ask. 

    We're here to help, always.

  • Is the BioCard Pro safe to use?

    Yes, the BioCard Pro is safe to use. It is made of non-toxic materials and does not interfere with the operation of smartwatches.

  • Where can I use the BioCard Pro?

    The BioCard Pro's design allows for versatile use.

    Whether in your pocket, wallet or beside your work desk, it's designed to shield you from EMFs wherever you place it.

  • How long is the BioCard Pro effective?

    The BioCard Pro is designed to last for years. Its longevity can vary based on usage and care.

  • Can I keep the BioCard Pro with me all day?

    Absolutely. The BioCard Pro is designed for constant use, protecting you from EMFs throughout the day.

  • Is the BioCard Pro comfortable to carry?

    Yes. Its slim, credit-card-like design makes it easy to carry and won't cause any discomfort.

  • What justifies the price tag?

    When evaluating the cost of any product, context is crucial. 

    Consider the iPhone, which averages around $1000. 

    Many people readily spend an additional 10%-20% on accessories like memory upgrades or a cool case. 

    By that logic, investing 10% of a phone’s price on something potentially enhancing its safety and, by extension, your health makes sense.

    Our pricing reflects our unwavering commitment to the highest standards in every product development stage. 

    Here's why our price is what it is:

    Research & Development: We invested significantly in this critical phase, partnering with top-tier scientists and reputable universities. 

    While we could have cut corners, we chose the best in the field to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of our product.

    Testing: After the R&D phase, we didn't stop. 

    We further validated our findings through rigorous testing using U.S. labs and facilities to reaffirm the technology's effectiveness.

    Manufacturing: Quality assurance is paramount to us. 

    Instead of outsourcing production to less costly, potentially unreliable facilities, we chose one of the best — and admittedly, more expensive — places on earth to manufacture our product. 

    The reason is simple: even the best science can falter if the manufacturing process is subpar.

    In summary, every decision made and every cent spent was with you — our valued customer — in mind. 

    We aimed to offer a top-tier product backed by solid science and produced with utmost quality. 

    Given the unparalleled features and technology embedded in our product, we believe we're offering great value for the price.