Restoration Of Harmony Of Biological Objects Is The Basis Of The Operation Of MobileTek™ Means

How Does MobileTek Technology Contribute to Biostabilization?

Hello, I'm Dror Levy, Chief Scientist at Bodywell USA.

Today, I'll be discussing the way MobileTek technology works in the realm of biostabilization. I'll attempt to present this in a straightforward manner, avoiding overly scientific jargon, so you can grasp the benefits seamlessly. For those keen on an in-depth analysis, our full study is always accessible for perusal.

Firstly, a bit of context.

It's vital to recognize the significance of our blood's pH level. It plays a role in every biological process within our bodies. Typically, this pH level fluctuates between 7.35 and 7.45. Anything below 7.35 is termed as acidemia, and anything above 7.45 is alkalemia. Both these extremes are considered detrimental.

Now, let's delve into a particular set of findings from a study conducted by Dr. Mark Krinker and Professor Aron Goykadosh from New York City College of Technology. They tested the properties of Bodywell's MobileTek™ Info- Imprinted technology. Their research showcased the effect of cell phone electromagnetic energy on the pH of water it was exposed to. Without protection, phone radiation dropped the water's pH from 7.3 to an alarming 6.8 in just 15 minutes. However, with the Bodywell chip in place, the water's pH remained stable at 7.3, identical to its initial level.

This observation is but a fragment of the comprehensive study. Various facets of the research further corroborate these findings, all of which are detailed in the complete study available online. The overarching conclusion drawn was, "Results clearly underscore that MobileTek™ and imprinted SIM significantly curtail pH fluctuations, showcasing distinct biostabilizing attributes." What does this mean for you? Given the delicate balance required to maintain homeostasis and the incredibly narrow safe range of pH levels, the Bodywell MobileTek technology emerges as a safeguard. It offers a potent protective layer against pH imbalances, thereby potentially fortifying your overall health.

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