The iPhone scandal Apple hopes you'll never discover

In September 2023, France made big news by stopping the sale of the iPhone 12 for a little while.

Why did they stop sales?

Well, their National Frequency Agency looked at how much radiation 141 phones gave off.

One of those was the famous iPhone 12.

And they found something worrying:

The iPhone 12 gave off way more radiation than it should...

By a whopping 43.5%!

This is bad.

Just think about it:

The FCC set those safety limits.

And they didn't set them in a day or two.


They set them after a lot of research.

And they even added safety margins.

The goal of those margins is to make sure there won't be any risks...

No matter what.

(Think of those margins like the seat belts in your car - you might never need them, but they're there just in case)

So when a device like the iPhone 12 goes over those limits by almost 50%?

It means that the radiation it gives off is so dangerous...

It can possibly put users at risk...

Especially if they're kids or babies.

You might have seen this picture before, but it's worth looking at again: 

This is from a study looking at how people of different ages take in radiation.

As you can see, the younger we are...

The more radiation our brains take in.

And this is bad, especially when you think about recent research.

For example, a study from Professor Lennart Hardell in Sweden.

They found that young people who use their phones a lot...

Have a higher chance of getting brain tumors later.

Sweden and Russia, in fact, are so worried about how radiation affects young kids...

That they banned cell phones in elementary schools.

And Germany has a special "Blue Angel" sticker on safe gadgets. 

The goal of this sticker?

To tell parents, "Hey, this gadget has low EMF radiation... so it's safer for your kids."

So why are we not more careful about radiation in the U.S.?

I honestly don't know.

I just know that tech giants would get really mad if sales of their devices dropped.

So, I don't see our government banning devices any time soon.

For now, you have two choices to protect yourself and your little ones:

A) Use your devices less

This would be the best solution...

but it's also not very practical.

And you'd still get radiation from other people's devices around you.

B) Lower the amount of radiation you take in

This way you can keep using your devices, without worrying about them.

And you won't have to worry about the radiation coming from other people's devices.

If you like choice B?

Then I suggest taking a look at our solutions.

They're proven to lower the amount of radiation you take in by up to 80%.

And they'll keep doing that... for up to 5 years.

This means you'll have peace of mind all the time...

Knowing that our solutions protect you and your little ones from the possibly dangerous effects of radiation.

If you'd like some help picking the solution that's right for you, here are the ones I recommend:

  • Our 6-pack. It gives you 6 Bodywell chips to use on your devices... while leaving you with enough to share with your kids, grandkids, and loved ones. Plus, if you get it today, you can save up to $300 (getting 6 chips separately would cost you $599.94 vs the $299.94 of the pack)

  • Our 3-pack. You might not need 6 chips and that's OK. You can instead get 3 chips to attach to your kids' tablets and other devices... and you might have one left for you or another member of your family. Getting it today will save you $105, than if you bought 3 chips separately

  • Our Biocard Pro. This is a great option if you already have one of our other solutions... and are looking for the next step to protect yourself or your loved ones from radiation. It easily slips into pockets, wallets, or bags. And it provides a safety net that guards you against EMF from the outside world.

Haim Einhorn
CEO, Bodywell USA

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