How to protect yourself and your little ones while driving

We got a question from Michelle a while back, asking us if we have products to protect you and your loved ones inside a car.

But first…

Is radiation inside a car really that big of a deal? 

We believe it is…

Especially if you have babies or kids with you.

Just consider the facts: 

When inside a car, your cell phone constantly moves through different areas…

Covered by different cell phone towers.

For your phone to maintain a connection, it has to switch from one tower to another as you move frequently.

(We call this process handoff or handover.)

And this can increase radiation emissions.

How so?

See, the signal strength decreases as you move away from one tower.

So your phone has to compensate.

And it does so by increasing its power to maintain the connection.

When it gets too weak, your phone searches for a better signal from a nearby tower…

And it does so by emitting more radiofrequency energy (aka radiation) to establish a new connection.

This normally wouldn’t be an issue.

But, inside a car, these handovers happen frequently.

Each handover requires your phone to communicate at a higher power to connect with the next tower quickly…

Leading to short bursts of radiation.

And get this:

If the environment introduces obstacles (such as buildings or trees), this can further weaken the signal.

So, your phone works harder to overcome the obstacles and maintain a connection.

As a result…

It emits even more radiation than usual.

So yes, we believe it’s a big deal.

Especially if you have babies or kids inside the car, and they’re playing on the phone or watching YouTube videos.

As you may know, their developing brains are vulnerable to radiation.

So it makes sense to protect them by lowering radiation exposure.

One solution is to minimize device use while driving.

If this is not practical?

Here are two solutions that can help: 

  • Our 6-pack. It gives you 6 Bodywell chips to use on your devices... while leaving you with enough to share with your kids and/or grandkids. So if they use them inside a car, the chips will reduce radiation absorption. Plus, if you get it today, you can save up to $300 (getting 6 chips separately would cost you $599.94 vs the $299.94 of the pack)
  • Our Biocard Pro. It harmonizes the EMFs around you, and when kept in your wallet (bag, pocket, car, etc.) it does provide a layer of protection for a range of wireless devices in your vicinity, including your phone. Just please make sure you keep it close to you. This proximity ensures that the card's harmonizing effects cover the devices you're using.

Haim Einhorn
CEO, Bodywell USA

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