18 sources of radiation in your house

Did you know there are up to 18 radiation sources in your house?

It's true.

So, if you're worried about radiation's effects on you and your loved ones...

I believe you should be aware of those 18 sources.

Here they are:

  1. Wi-Fi: Wireless routers provide Wi-Fi signals using radiation to enable wireless connectivity for various devices 
  2. Cable Box: Although primarily a receiver of wired signals, many modern cable boxes also emit Wi-Fi signals to provide network connectivity for on-demand services and streaming.
  3. Doorbell Cam: Wireless doorbell cameras use radiation to connect to your home network. This way you can view the camera feed on your devices remotely.
  4. Thermostat: Smart thermostats often connect to your Wi-Fi network and use radiation to control and monitor your home's temperature remotely.
  5. ‘Smart’ Meter (utility, water, and gas): These devices wirelessly transmit data regarding your utility usage to the service provider for monitoring and billing purposes
  6. Cell Phones (obviously!) Mobile phones use radiation to connect to cell towers for voice calls, texting, and data services.
  7. Laptops: They emit radiation when connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  8. Tablets: Similar to laptops, tablets emit radiation for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  9. Airpods: Wireless earbuds like Airpods use Bluetooth, a type of RF radiation, to connect to your audio source without the need for cords.
  10. Headphones: Wireless headphones use Bluetooth to receive audio signals from a paired device.
  11. Video Games: Gaming consoles can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Doing so, they emit radiation. Also, wireless controllers use Bluetooth or other wireless technologies as well.
  12. ‘Smart’ Appliances (oven, TV): Smart appliances connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, offering features like remote control or receiving updates. In the process, they emit radiation.
  13. Baby Monitor: Wireless baby monitors transmit audio and sometimes video over RF frequencies (aka radiation) so you can monitor your child from another room.
  14. Light Bulbs: Some energy-efficient light bulbs, like smart LED bulbs, can connect to Wi-Fi or a home automation network, allowing you to control them remotely.
  15. Cordless Phone: These home phones communicate with their base stations using radiation.
  16. Printer: Wireless printers connect to computers and networks using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to receive print jobs without wired connections.
  17. Wireless Keyboard/Mouse: They typically use Bluetooth or proprietary wireless technologies to connect to your computer... that also emit radiatio
  18. Speakers: Wireless speakers use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or both to receive audio signals without audio cables.

Yes, these are a LOT of devices.

Depending on your living situation, you might use a few, or you might use a lot.

 "OK, but should we worry about all those devices? Are they all really that dangerous?"

 It depends.

 A good principle to keep in mind is this:

 The closer one of these devices is... and the more we use it..., the higher the radiation exposure.

Take, for example, your cell phone.

We went from using them for 5-10 minutes a day...

To spending 4, 6, 8, or more hours daily with them.

If you use your phone for a long time and keep it close to your body, then yes; all this exposure could lead to problems.

On the other hand, let's say that you have a wireless printer.

Are you going to use it as much as your cell phone? 

I doubt it.

So even though you need to be close to it to use it, it's not that big of a deal.

Another great way to see how much your devices might affect you is with a digital detox.

For example, can you spend half a day or even a whole day away from your house and into nature?

If yes, notice how you'll feel.

If you feel great, there's a chance that the radiation emitted from your devices is affecting you.

Of course, we still need more research before we can blame connect a health issue (say headaches) on radiation.

The current research shows that excess radiation can affect us. (Not will affect us)

However, at Bodywell, we operate based on the Precautionary Principle (or, in simpler terms, "better safe than sorry")

Take, for example, substances like asbestos and tobacco.

It took decades to recognize that, yes, they are harmful.

But in all those decades, millions of people suffered.

There's already research showing potential problems from radiation.

Even WHO classified cellphone radiation as a possible carcinogen.

Do we need to wait for every single organization out there to announce that radiation can be bad for us?

You will have to answer this for yourself and your kids.

For us, the answer is clear.

Radiation can be harmful when our body absorbs it in excess.

But we don't want to use our devices less.

This is why we created our Bodywell solutions.

They reduce radiation absorption by up to 80.3%.

And, depending on your device use, we have a solution for everything.

Here are some of our most famous ones:

  • Our 6-pack: It gives you 6 Bodywell chips to use on your cell phone, laptop, and tablet. And since you get 6, you still have some to share with your loved ones. Plus, if you get it today, you can save up to $300 (getting 6 chips separately would cost you $599.94 vs the $299.94 of the pack)

  • Our Bioband: If you use an Apple Watch, the Bioband will minimize radiation exposure with its protection clip. It also has a slide-on design that blends effortlessly with your Apple Watch band. It's compatible with most current Apple Watch models and bands. But if you're not sure about yours, don't hesitate to email us and ask; we'd be happy to help you
  • Our BioPods: With them, you can enjoy great music and peace of mind. Why? Because just like all of our solutions, BioPods reduce radiation absorption by up to 80.3%. They are also durable and have a discreet design that fits your wireless earbuds. 
  • Our Biocard Pro: This is a great option that will lower radiation absorption from all 18 of the sources we mentioned today. You simply keep it next to you and that's it; you don't have to do anything else. It easily slips into pockets, wallets, or bags. 

Also keep in mind that NONE of our solutions affect your devices.

Your devices will work fine when you use our solution with them.

Hope the above makes sense.

Haim Einhorn
CEO, Bodywell USA

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