Introduction to Bodywell and MobileTek™ Technology

Bodywell, fortified with MobileTek™ technology, is a Swiss-engineered EMF protection solution. With the exponential rise of electronic devices, concerns regarding their potential health effects, especially from EMFs, have intensified. Bodywell stands at the forefront to address these concerns, backed by robust scientific validation and technological innovation.

Quality and Precision of Swiss Engineering

Switzerland, renowned for its precision-engineered, top-quality products, forms the backbone of Bodywell's promise, establishing its authority as a dependable EMF protection technology.

Legacy in Research & Development

Bodywell's genesis is rooted in almost two decades of rigorous research and development. This unwavering commitment to R&D is a testament to the product's credibility, assuring users of a solution that has been scientifically refined over time.

Scientific Credibility and Validation

The effectiveness of Bodywell is supported by a series of tests and studies from eminent scientists and institutions: Dr. Mark Krinker, Professor Aron Goykadosh, Dr. Regina Shmelkina, and Dr. Nachaat Mazeh have endorsed Bodywell's potential.

A pivotal study titled "Thermal Effect of Mobile Phones on Skin Temperature: Heat Reduction due to a Homogeneous Aluminum Card" by Dr. Nachaat Mazeh (PhD) was pivotal in understanding the effects and benefits of the Bodywell Card and Chip. Dr. Mazeh collaborated with respected peers like Dr. Bradley Roth, Dr. Carol Chandler, and Dr. Mazhar Shaik, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to the study.

RF Exposure Lab, under the supervision of Jay M. Moulton, validated the chip's effectiveness in reducing radiation absorption by 60-80%, contingent on the phone and frequency.

Reception Test (TRP and TIS) Results

The reception test was undertaken at Novatel Wireless, an accredited institution. The results underscored: Before and after application of the Bodywell Chip Standard, TRP and TIS were meticulously measured.

The Bodywell Chip Standard exhibited minimal to zero impact on TRP and TIS, indicating the chip does not interfere with the phone's operational integrity.

Safety, Convenience, and Utility

The discreet design of the Bodywell Chip ensures no compromise on a phone's aesthetic or functionality. Its ability to provide EMF protection without hindering the phone's performance emphasizes its utility and user-centric approach.


Bodywell, empowered by MobileTek™ technology, emerges as an indispensable shield against the potential challenges of EMFs. Its scientific foundation, meticulous testing, Swiss precision, and clear non-interference with phone operations cement Bodywell's position as a top-tier EMF protection solution. As technology becomes even more ingrained in our lives, Bodywell's protection evolves from being a luxury to an essential safeguard.