Thermal Reduction


How MobileTek Technology Assists in Thermal Reduction?

Greetings! I am Dror Levy, Chief Scientist at Bodywell USA. Today, I wish to shed light on how MobileTek technology aids in diminishing the thermal effects when using a cellphone. I aim to present this in a user-friendly way, eliminating dense scientific terms, for a clearer understanding. For those desiring a more comprehensive view, our detailed study is available for your review.

Let's begin with some context.

The average internal temperature of a healthy human hovers around 37°C (98.6°F). It's noteworthy to mention that a mere increase of one degree to 38°C (100.4°F) categorizes it as a fever. Moreover, a body temperature of 42°C (107.6°F) becomes lethal. This means a delicate balance of merely 5 degrees separates a normal state from a life-threatening condition.

The technology at Bodywell has been validated to decrease SAR (as per our RF Exposure Lab tests). This might be attributed to the diminished thermal effects, especially when considering that cellphones operate using microwaves - the same ones, though at a vastly lower power, that warm our meals. Sometimes, you may notice the interior of microwaved food feeling hotter than its surface. This phenomenon is attributed to the denser, more liquid-centric interior. Drawing a parallel, our brain comprises approximately 77% liquid, hinting that radiation- induced thermal heat on the skin's exterior might even be more intense within the head.

A critical piece of research spearheaded by Dr. Nachaat Mazeh, PhD, from the Research Institute, Beaumont Health System, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, and executed at Green Health Thermography, gave us empirical insights. The study recorded how mobile phones influence skin temperatures. Evidently, areas directly exposed to active mobiles exhibited elevated temperatures. Interestingly, integrating the Bodywell chip with the mobile mitigated these thermal effects, in contrast to standalone mobile use.

To break it down: the baseline skin temperature stood at 35.04°C. With just the mobile, there was an upsurge of 2.04°C. Impressively, with the Bodywell chip integrated, the surge was halved to a mere 1.01°C.

Although this insight is a snapshot of the broader study, multiple dimensions of the research endorse these outcomes. The holistic takeaway? Mobile phones can indeed trigger noticeable skin temperature escalations, which might have profound health repercussions, especially among the younger demographic. The Bodywell Chip (BWC) seems to effectively curb the mobile-induced thermal impacts on human tissues.

So, what's the bottom line for you?

Considering the slim margin safeguarding our body's thermal health, Bodywell's MobileTek technology, with its impressive heat reduction capacity, emerges as a protective shield. With a heat reduction potential of 1.03°C, representing a 100% offset between normalcy and fever and 20% between fever and perilous conditions, MobileTek stands as a frontline defense against thermal risks, potentially enhancing your overall well-being. For the full research click here