Swiss Precision Meets Rigorous Testing. Ensure Your Safety In A Tech-Driven World

Bodywell With Mobiletek™: The Future In EMF Protection

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Swiss Precision Meets Rigorous Testing. Ensure Your Safety In A Tech-Driven World

Bodywell With Mobiletek™: The Future In EMF Protection

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Scientific Credibility & Validation


Thermal Reduction


Reduction in SAR


PH Recovered

Proven Effective Through Rigorous Testing

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The effectiveness of BodyWell is supported by a series of tests and studies from eminent scientists and institutions

Did You Know The World Health Organization Admitted That Wireless Devices Are Possibly CARCINOGENIC?

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We Put Ourselves To The Test So You Don't Have To

Driven by an unyielding skepticism, our founder wasn't content with just scientific validation. Committed to delivering the highest possible quality, he took the extraordinary step of personally verifying the efficacy of our product. While we do not condone or encourage testing on humans due to ethical considerations, our founder's personal journey from skeptic to believer underscores our deep commitment to excellence and authenticity. Below, you'll find thermal scan results from tests conducted on his own head before and after a 45-minute phone call, offering a glimpse into our rigorous validation process.



“I can confirm that initial observations indicate either a new scientific breakthrough, an unknown property of the electron or a completely new waveform. The Bodywell chip was initially produced as a detector of some field; it does produce a significant reduction in specific absorption rate in simulated brain tissue indicating that if attached to a cell phone it will reduce the amount of rf-EM energy absorbed by brain cells in proximity of the wireless device.”

Dr. Nachaat Mazeh

“We see that the card application influenced both on alpha-index of EEG and on alpha-power significantly causing in the majority of cases increase of alpha characteristics , in other words, we suggest that the card improves the synchronization of the electrical potentials in the terms of increase of alpha-power and alpha-index.”

Dr. Regina Shmelinka

“Results clearly indicate that MobileTek™ and imprinted SIM considerably prevent variation in pH and both manifest Bio-stabilizing properties.”

Dr. Mark Krinker

Your Comprehensive EMF Solution

Radiation affects in many ways and we solve all of them.


Given the delicate balance required to maintain homeostasis and the incredibly narrow safe range of pH levels, the Bodywell MobileTek technology emerges as a safeguard. It offers a potent protective layer against pH imbalances, thereby potentially fortifying your overall health.

Bio-Electrical Synchronization

Given the brain's electrical activity's paramount importance to our overall health, these results hint at the potential impacts of cellphone use on our brain activity. MobileTek technology, seems to promote healthier brain activity patterns—often associated with relaxation and optimal brain function. Such patterns could potentially counteract issues like seizures or sleep disorders, ensuring our brains operate at their peak, allowing for clearer thought processes, decision-making, and emotional regulation.

Thermal Reduction

Considering the slim margin safeguarding our body's thermal health, Bodywell's MobileTek technology, with its impressive heat reduction capacity, emerges as a protective shield. With a heat reduction potential of 1.03°C, representing a 100% offset between normalcy and fever and 20% between fever and perilous conditions, MobileTek stands as a frontline defense against thermal risks, potentially enhancing your overall well-being.

Introduction to BodyWell and MobileTek™ Technology

BodyWell, fortified with MobileTek™ technology, is a Swiss-engineered EMF protection solution. With the exponential rise of electronic devices, concerns regarding their potential health effects, especially from EMFs, have intensified. BodyWell stands at the forefront to address these concerns, backed by robust scientific validation and technological innovation.

Quality and Precision of Swiss Engineering

Switzerland, renowned for its precision-engineered, top-quality products, forms the backbone of BodyWell's promise, establishing its authority as a dependable EMF protection technology.

Legacy in Research & Development

BodyWell's genesis is rooted in almost two decades of rigorous research and development. This unwavering commitment to R&D is a testament to the product's credibility, assuring users of a solution that has been scientifically refined over time.

How Does It Work?

How Does Bodywell Compare?



Aires Tech

EMF Harmony







Unknown Country, Europe

Unknown Country, Europe

Research/Testing Location


Canada/ Russia

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SAR Test

Up to 80% Reduction

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Little to no effect on wireless signal

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PH Test

100% Recovered

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EEG Test

66% Alpha Power Increase

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Thermal Test

20% Decrease In Skin Temp.

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Safety Test

4 Individual tests done to prove Bodywell does not negatively affect in any way

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N/A - Tested after 5 years and showed same results

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State Of The Art: Designed, Tested, And Proven To Mitigate Harmful Effects From Wireless Devices


Emil Albert Schaerer, inventor of Bodywell and MobilTek technology, originally conceptualized the Bodywell initiative. Schaerer's guiding philosophy was, "My life's mission is to disseminate health worldwide." Inspired by his mentor's commitment, Haim assumed the responsibility of advancing Schaerer's legacy. To this end, Haim initiated further research and development to continue the progress in this critical area of public health.


After a decade of rigorous research and conceptual development, Haim and Emil Albert Schaerer transitioned from theoretical work to practical application by commencing the pre-production phase. Their collaborative efforts aim to actualize their vision, moving one step closer to introducing innovative health solutions to the global market.


Following the initiation of the pre-production phase, prototypes were meticulously crafted and specialized manufacturing facilities were established. This pivotal stage allowed for the commencement of comprehensive product testing, marking a significant milestone in our journey to deliver groundbreaking health solutions to the global community.


Bodywell USA was formally established, representing a major advancement in our mission to revolutionize global health and wellness. As an integral part of our commitment to quality and efficacy, we have entered the phase of continued evaluation, focusing on rigorous testing of the finalized products. This ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of excellence as we prepare to introduce our innovations to the market.


A pivotal moment in the Bodywell timeline was the World Health Organization's classification of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." This landmark statement from a globally recognized health authority underscored the urgency and significance of our mission to provide effective mitigation solutions for EMF exposure.


Our products have been rigorously evaluated at the New York College of Technology, focusing on key metrics such as pH levels and torsion fields. These evaluations affirmed the safety and efficacy of our solutions in mitigating the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation.


Dr. Regina Shmelkina conducted an extensive study, utilizing electroencephalograms (EEGs) to further evaluate our products. This specialized research not only adds a layer of scientific rigor to our testing protocols but also provides invaluable data in understanding the product's efficacy and safety metrics.


Bodywell chip becomes available to the public.


Partnered with emater group to help spread the word and awareness and company headquarters opened in ft lauderdale Florida to better service the american market.


Expanding Mobiletek products for new devices and flagship BioCard Pro for enhanced wellness.

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