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Cut your EMF radiation exposure by up to 80% from personal devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.

  • Helps offer peace of mind while using your devices.
  • Swiss-engineered technology, verified by an FCC-certified U.S. lab for 100% safety and effectivity.
  • It does not affect your cellular service
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Cut your EMF radiation exposure by up to 80% from personal devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.

  • Helps offer peace of mind while using your devices.
  • Swiss-engineered technology, verified by an FCC-certified U.S. lab for 100% safety and effectivity.
  • It does not affect your cellular service
Advanced EMF Defense For Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and more

The Bodywell Chip is an external mini-card that was designed with your comfort and mobility in mind. The card has been scientifically proven to reduce the absorption of radio-frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, headphones, smartwatches, and cordless phones in the head and body without interfering with the signal on your phone

Increased RF absorption can lead to a variety of negative health impacts, including an increased risk of cancer, a rise in body temperature, sleep disturbances, migraines, and more. This chip is the world's only scientifically verified cellphone radiation solution.

Unlike any other product on the market, all of Bodywell’s Mobiletek™ product testings and discoveries were done and approved by several scientists on the actual product, not a concept or pre-production model. It has been tested and proven numerous times, in certified labs across the world, to significantly reduce the absorption of radiation by RF emitting devices.

Can help:

  • Reduce annoying headaches
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Decrease fatigue and lethargy
  • Protect your family from radiation
  • Prevent brain damage
  • Prevent loss of muscle strength
Scientific Proof: SAR Testing

The SAR (specific absorption rate) test is the only real way to see how much radiation from your device is being absorbed by the head and body.

It’s also the GOLD STANDARD for testing RF radiation absorption, which is MANDATORY for worldwide cell phone manufacturers to pass before releasing a new device.

A scientific test was done to measure the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) with a variety of phones. The Bodywell Chip was then attached to the tested phones, and the measurement was repeated. The difference between the two measurements was then used to calculate the reduction achieved by the chip.

The reduction in radiation ranged from 60% to 80% depending on the phone.

The experiment shows that simply adding the Bodywell Chip to the phone significantly reduces radiation absorption to the head.

thermal reduction
reduction of SAR
PH recovered
Why Guarding Against Mobile Radiation Matters
Everyday Life

Phones and other devices are handy. But, there's concern about their health impact.

Hidden Concerns

They give off Electromagnetic radiofrequency (EMF) radiation all the time.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, under the World Health Organization, has found a link between this radiation and tumors like glioma.

Potential Health Impacts

Sleep disturbances (Insomnia)
Altered brain functionality.
Potential nerve damage

Enter Bodywell Chip

It's made to protect us, aiming to reduce the dangers of our mobile devices.

The Science Speaks
“Screen Media Use and Sleep Disturbance Symptom Severity in Children”

This study examined associations of different types of screen media with symptom severity of different classes of sleep-wake disturbances.


Greater screen media use was associated with longer sleep onset latency, shorter sleep duration, and increased severity of multiple types of sleep-wake disturbances.

“Men Who Use Smartphone at Night Are Damaging Their Fertility, Study Suggests”

This article discusses a study that found that keeping mobile phones in front pockets for more than four hours every day is associated with increased instances of poor sperm quality.

“Prenatal and Postnatal Cell Phone Exposures and Headaches in Children”

This study found that children with cell phone exposure had higher odds of migraines and headache-related symptoms than children without exposure.

“Prominent Scientist Links Cellphone Radiation to Brain Tumors”

Former director of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Christopher Portier, believes there is a high probability that radio-frequency radiation from cell phones causes certain rare but often malignant brain tumors in humans.

The Science Behind Bodywell Chip’s Breakthrough EMF Defense

The Bodywell Chip features state-of-the-art MobileTek Technology that helps lower the impact of EMF radiation on your body effectively.

It does this without weakening your device's connection, as confirmed by tests at RF Exposure Labs in California.

Maintains safe body temperature

Consider the human body's delicate temperature balance. Normal body temperature hovers around 37°C (98.6°F). Just a degree above that means you have a fever. A couple of degrees more can be life-threatening. This means even a slight increase in body temperature can significantly impact our health. Based on thermal tests done at RF Exposure Labs in California, installing the Bodywell Chip on your mobile device may lead to a 20% decrease in skin temperature – which may help promote comfort and reduce potential health risks.

Keeps a healthy pH

Our body's cells need the right pH to work well.
EMFs can mess this up, making you tired, sick, or worse.
Based on the study published in the New York City College of Health, the Bodywell Chip keeps your body's natural pH steady so you feel great all day.

Maintain healthy brain function

Beyond physical well-being, EMFs can tamper with your brain's rhythm, leading to problems like poor concentration or sleep disturbances.
Author and researcher Regina Shmelkina experimented on actual human participants, showing that the Bodywell Chip may help balance out your brain's activity.
This results in better focus during the day and peaceful sleep at night.


SAR Change

A potentially reduced risk of health effects linked to long-term EMF energy exposure.

Increased comfort, as you may feel better using your smartwatch for hours.

Peace of mind with advanced protection against EMF radiation exposure.

Best Uses For The
Bodywell Chip
How To Apply Your Bodywell Chip?
1 Clean the Area

Make sure the back of your device is clean and free of dust or dirt.

2 Prep the Chip

Peel off the protective film on the Bodywell Chip to reveal the adhesive.

3 Positioning

Stick the Bodywell Chip to the top right corner of the back of your phone, near the camera. This position ensures wireless charging isn't disrupted.

4 You're Set

That's it!
Now, continue using your device as you normally would, with the added peace of mind from reduced RF exposure.

What Users Are Saying

  • How does the Bodywell Chip compare to other products?

    When sizing up the Bodywell Chip to others, here are key points that make us stand out:

    1. Deep Roots: We're not just an online name. Based in Florida, Bodywell has been part of this journey since the 70s. We're grounded in history and a genuine mission.
    2. Top-notch Science: Over 20 years, we've fine-tuned our MobileTek tech.
      We team up with global experts like Dr. Mark Krinker and Dr. Stella Aronov.
      With ties to respected places like the New York City College of Technology and RF Exposure Labs in California, our research isn't just thorough; it's credible.
    3. Swiss Precision: Our choice to manufacture in Switzerland wasn't about prestige.
      It was about quality. While others might cut corners, we stick to the highest standards.
    4. Made to Last: Our chip isn't a short-term fix.
      Even after five years, it's still hard at work, guarding you from potential radiation risks.
      Plus, its design fits any phone, with or without a case.

    In short, there might be many chips out there, but Bodywell's history, science-backed approach, quality, and lasting design put us in a class of our own.

  • Is this some electronic chip that is embedded in the body?

    Absolutely not. The Bodywell Chip isn't an electronic insert for your body and doesn't have electronic parts.

    It's an external addition meant for phones or similar devices to reduce EMF radiation exposure.

    We're an independent company with no ties to governments or agencies.

    Plus, with Bodywell Chip, there are zero invasive or tracking concerns. It's purely for protection, not monitoring.

  • Is it a tracking device?

    Not at all.

    It’s function is to mitigate EMF radiation from your devices, with no hidden features or functions. 

    Here's the deal: It has no electronic components. 

    So, it can't track or know stuff about you.

    At Bodywell, we're all about keeping you safe from EMF. 

    Not intruding into your personal space.

    We're fully aware of how vital privacy is in today's digital age. 

    We get it. 

    Your privacy is a big deal. 

    So, we made the chip to respect that. And because there's no tech stuff inside, it can't track anything.

    Got questions? 

    Just ask. 

    We're here to help, always.

  • Why won't my device have this tech installed in them?

    Phones are built mainly for communication and use. 

    Their safety focuses on meeting set rules, like those from the FCC. 

    Our MobileTek tech is special and just ours. 

    It's not out there for all devices to have, just like phones don't come with certain cases or apps. 

    Think of it like this: It's why a Tesla doesn't automatically come with Apple CarPlay. 

    But with more talk about radiation risks, maybe one day, big companies might add tech like ours.

  • What justifies the price tag?

    When evaluating the cost of any product, context is crucial. 

    Consider the iPhone, which averages around $1000. 

    Many people readily spend an additional 10%-20% on accessories like memory upgrades or a cool case. 

    By that logic, investing 10% of a phone’s price on something potentially enhancing its safety and, by extension, your health makes sense.

    Our pricing reflects our unwavering commitment to the highest standards in every product development stage. 

    Here's why our price is what it is:

    Research & Development: We invested significantly in this critical phase, partnering with top-tier scientists and reputable universities. 

    While we could have cut corners, we chose the best in the field to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of our product.

    Testing: After the R&D phase, we didn't stop. 

    We further validated our findings through rigorous testing using U.S. labs and facilities to reaffirm the technology's effectiveness.

    Manufacturing: Quality assurance is paramount to us. 

    Instead of outsourcing production to less costly, potentially unreliable facilities, we chose one of the best — and admittedly, more expensive — places on earth to manufacture our product. 

    The reason is simple: even the best science can falter if the manufacturing process is subpar.

    In summary, every decision made and every cent spent was with you — our valued customer — in mind. 

    We aimed to offer a top-tier product backed by solid science and produced with utmost quality. 

    Given the unparalleled features and technology embedded in our product, we believe we're offering great value for the price.